Kevin Can F *** Self-made creator Valerie Armstrong reflects on the series’ finale, Frasier, etc [Exclusive Interview]

While season 1 really focused on deconstructing the sitcom wife, season 2 really focused on the character of Neil and really flipped the faithful friend archetype to its head. In fact, his plot got really dark at a few points after he was dropped from the sitcom. What are you trying to say about friendship with a character like Neil?

That is a great question. I think season 1, as you say, we broke up the sitcom wife [with Allison] and best friend next door [with] Patty. In season 2, we know who they are, enough for us to tell stories about them that I really love. We still have a lot to say about the multi-cam and Allison’s role in it, but we’re not going to debunk her anymore. We just went on a trip with her.

As for Neil, you’re right – this opened up a new side to him. It was very important to us that we were able to tell the stories about Neil without ever getting him caught up in what he did. Because asking people to forget that he can be violent and can hit a woman, I don’t want to ever ask people to forget that or discount it. So to tell a human story about him without trying to manipulate or make you feel bad for him, I think is very, very important to us. We thought about what his awakening would be like, once he was always out of that cam. How does someone like Neil deal with that?

First, he tries to distract himself. He said, “Kevin, you need an assistant. I’ll keep myself busy. I’ll be your assistant. I’ll focus on that. A distraction sounds great,” but he can’t live in it forever. Then he tried to deny it. He tried to stuff it down and pretend it didn’t happen, but he couldn’t do it either. And so he turned to different stores to try to deal with it, one being Diane, and he started to slowly drift away from Kevin. It’s like he doesn’t like being around him, but he just can’t figure it out yet. He doesn’t know why. And so I think for me, it’s important that we get him to a place where, yes, he finally realizes that Kevin is an asshole and that Kevin has treated him badly, maybe. their entire relationship. But he wasn’t far enough away to reflect on himself and say, “I embody some of this, too.”

So my hopes for him, the way that I envision him ending up… the only chance he has is when he leaves Patty, when he says, basically, ” I won’t make anyone else do this for me. I can’t get Patty to help me change. I can’t get Diane to help me change Kevin. Nor can I stay in that world with him.” I am him going into the distance [and] that he will find it. He will get better and realize his own place in that Kevin universe. But who knows if anyone is really capable of change?

“Humans have the ability to change” is a great theme that has appeared throughout the series.

I think we argue that everyone does, everyone can. I hope they can. I think Allison has. I love the moment in our finale when Sam said, “People don’t really change.” And Patty said, “But she did.” She gave up everything. That’s not something pilot Allison can do, because she’s too bogged down in her own personal drama. She was too self-centered. And I think that as her world grew, so did she. Kevin Can F *** Self-made creator Valerie Armstrong reflects on the series’ finale, Frasier, etc [Exclusive Interview]

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