Kids Vs. Alien Review: A Charmingly Simple Monster Movie [Fantastic Fest]

Sometimes you just need a simple monster movie. Look, I see a lot of genre and horror photos, and I love it when they go beyond the boundaries of the genre. I love when filmmakers try to take horror building blocks and turn them into new, unique shapes. But I also love it when someone says, “You know what? I’m going to make a simple monster movie.” And that’s what makes the silly, simple “Kids vs. Aliens” movie so enjoyable.

Directed by Jason Eisener “Hobo With a Shotgun,” “Kids vs. Aliens” is sure to draw comparisons to “Stranger Things” with its story of kids fighting the supernatural (there’s even a scene where they’re all against the supernatural). all on bicycles!). But as interesting as “Stranger Things” can be, it has been disinfected. That can’t be said for “Kids vs. Aliens,” which happily accepts gore and danger to emulate the kind of school-age monster movie kids will happily devour late into the night while sleeping. .

None of this is to say that “Kids vs. Aliens” will go away unscathed. The movie with a duration of 75 minutes is extremely fast, taking a Long time to see the full “aliens” part of the “Kids vs. Aliens” setup. And while I wouldn’t dream of giving away spoilers, let’s just talk the final minutes of the movie but wipe everything that happened before, so much so that you might wonder the purpose of it all. what the hell. But it probably doesn’t really make sense. Maybe this is just a monster movie with no other goals, and maybe there’s nothing wrong with that.

Alien mythology


Teenager Sam (a very lovable Phoebe Rex) seems to have no friends his age and spends all his time hanging out with his younger brother Gary (Dominic Mariche) and his two friends Miles (who filmed the Ben Tector scene). ) and Jack (Asher Grayson Percival). The four of them all appear in Gary’s puzzling, puzzling, manic wrestling movies, which he shoots with all the cheerful enthusiasm of a budding novice. But then one day, Sam meets Billy (Calem MacDonald), a strangely handsome teenager—“I know,” he says confidently as Sam marvels at his shirtless torso—who has taken an interest in Sam. seems to come from.

Now all Sam wants to do is impress Billy and his mean friends and ignore her nerd brother. Halloween is drawing near – a fact highlighted by photos of pumpkins sitting on the wall overlooking the lake and orange-tinged sunsets – and Billy asks Sam to throw a party at her big house while her parents were away. He promises the party will be small, but it soon becomes clear that Billy’s motives are not pure. In fact, he may be a psychopath. But that discussion will have to wait a while longer, because you never know, a bunch of aliens have infiltrated and are targeting the kids.

I love the aliens in this movie. I like that they seem to have no motives other than torture and murder. Aliens also seem to have some kind of religion going on, and I’ve dug into that concept – you don’t really see that in alien invasion movies. Little ideas like that can go a long way, and I could use a bit more alien mythology to spice things up.

Children act like children


The second half of “Kids vs. Aliens” gathers the most punches, unleashing realistic effects in the form of aliens and their strange world full of strange liquids that melt people’s skin, and experiments that can turn a human into a monster. Does any of that make sense? No, but it look cold, as well as one of the aliens wearing a red veil and some kind of weird, spiked crown. Is this an alien queen? Some kind of alien priest? No idea! And I don’t need these explained – just give me more and let my imagination run wild.

I appreciate the practicality of the kids here. These aren’t typical movie kids – you know, they all talk like adults, constantly uttering lightning-quick sarcasm. No kid says that, and whenever I see it in a movie – and it happens much – I immediately lost interest. It’s not a child talking – it’s a screenwriter who’s forgotten the real sounds of children. Here, kids say and do stupid things, because that’s what kids do. They curse like sailors, talk trash, and act like little monsters. But they also care about each other, and that’s true, too. You are never as close to anyone as you are with your eccentric outcast friends in your youth.

“Kids vs. Aliens” achieves what it sets out to be. Like the best junk food, it doesn’t give you anything nutritious, but you’ll still enjoy the meal. You might feel a little uncomfortable the next day, but hey, that’s okay. Those looking for a grotesque monster movie that don’t pay much attention to it will definitely love “Kids vs. Aliens.” It’s a shame about that ending, though.

/ Movie rating: 6 out of 10

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