Killing Eve fans are in for a surprise twist as villainelle meets religion in the final series

Stylish and exciting, dark comedy-drama Killing Eve is back for a fourth and final season – and it’s poised to smash in the ratings.

Eve, played by Sandra Oh, is now on a mission for revenge against The Twelve, while assassin Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, has found the religion. At least, that’s what she wants us to believe… But what brought us here? Who are the big players?

And what does it take to bring these women back into each other’s orbit?

Here’s everything you need to know. The show starts tomorrow on BBC1.

Killing Eve is back for a fourth and final season


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Killing Eve Series 4



Killing Eve may not be as shocking or impressive as its first season, but this juggernaut is still a unique and captivating spectacle that deserves a sacred place in television history.

Critics say the hilarious spy drama isn’t as gripping anymore. But let me tell you why it actually is.

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh as anti-heroes Villanelle and Eve remain two of the most engaging actors of our time. Her characters – a downtrodden MI6 agent and an assassin, both of whom have transformed each other – have become iconic.

Their shady relationship oozes with sexual chemistry — and I’d bet even the naysayers will tune in to find out what’s happening.

Famed for its grisly set-piece murders, this season shows no sign of ending. Newly menacing and trigger-happy, Eve will stop at nothing to track down the twelve.

Jodie Comer says Killing Eve changed her life


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And Villanelle, gloriously angelic in her quest for salvation, struggles with the idea of ​​God – as illustrated in a stunning scene of an attempted murder.

This show also remains incredibly funny. “May the Lord cause you to thank me sincerely,” Villanelle prays. Their outfits don’t impress that much, but a devout Christian life will.

Elsewhere, Carolyn has to judge sand castles, Konstantin enjoys a head massage and Villanelle plays Jesus in drag in a scene only Killing Eve could get away with.

It’s a gorgeous, funny, feminist love story and I, for one, will be determined to see that final act.


Jodie as Villanelle in Killing Eve


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The mutually obsessive relationship between Eve and Villanelle is the focus of the show. It’s actually a (dysfunctional) love story.

Their twisted infatuation was pervasive, with chemistry through the roof despite being unable to process their feelings. Even the actors have said they don’t put a label on it.

It started with Eve enjoying the thrill of chasing Villanelle while Eve reminded Villanelle of a former lover.

At the end of season one, they confessed their obsession in Paris, then Eve stabbed Villanelle and fled.

At the end of Season 2, Eve rejected Villanelle’s plan for them to run away, so Villanelle shot her and left her for dead.

Last we saw they made a pact to walk away from each other…for good.

Sexually tense scenes included slapping, a dangerous dinner, THIS dance — and a kiss on the bus.


Fresh, bold and darkly funny production values ​​were sophisticated and stylish throughout


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Fresh, sassy and darkly funny, with a global reach, the production values ​​were slick and stylish throughout.

Various female showrunners have brought something unique to each season, from Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who wrote season one, to Emerald Fennell as head writer for season two, to Suzanne Heathcote, who is directing season three, to Laura Neal, who is now writing the screenplay for this final act.

The Europe-wide filming locations have given Killing Eve an international spy thriller atmosphere, just like in a Bond film.

Fashion was a strong focus of the show (we all want Villanelle’s wardrobe). And even the music seduces – a floating, sometimes operatic, modern soundtrack.

Not many dramas produce a style icon, a soundtrack you’ll want to download, and a storyline led by two complex women.

The occupation

Fiona Shaw is the quintessentially British Carolyn Martens, head of Russia at MI6


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Jodie Comer was catapulted into the television pantheon for playing the assassin Villanelle – her captivating role as a multilingual Russian psychopath never disappoints.

Sandra Oh plays the dead MI5 analyst who is recruited by MI6 to track down Villanelle and now works in security.

Fiona Shaw is the quintessentially British Carolyn Martens, head of Russia at MI6 – Eve’s boss – until things went wrong. Today she is cultural attaché.

Kim Bodnia and his infamous cackle shine as Konstantin Vasiliev, Villanelle’s handler.

Konstantin has become a fan favorite


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Look out for Camille Cottin, bottom right, who plays Helene, a senior member of The Twelve, while Anjana Vasan is cast as Pam, Helene’s latest assassin.

Robert Gilbert turns heads as Yusuf, Eve’s colleague and lover, while Edward Bluemel, center right, plays Hugo Tiller, one of Eve’s troublesome MI6 operatives.

And who plays Jesus in episode one, with gold boots and a paper halo? You have to see Jodie’s drag act to believe it.

The plot

It’s complicated – and the plot is secondary to the outfits. Villanelle is still an assassin, although now she’s trying to be a better person. Why?

Because of her love for Eva. She has found religion and is dying for Eve to attend her baptism.

Eve is also in a very different place. She broke free from MI6 in her mission of revenge against the Twelve (big bad murderous villains who infiltrate government and organizations) who killed her assistant Kenny. She also has a new guy, Yusuf.

Fiona Shaw, Jodie Comer and Phoebe Waller Bridge


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She has a lead – Helene – and has to track her down. She’s also a lot badass. Check out her performance on a motorcycle shooting a gun.

After being relegated to an embassy role, Carolyn wants to get back in the game. She killed ex-colleague and Twelve villain Paul (Steve Pemberton, left).

Eve and Villanelle broke up last season, but we can expect them to get sucked back into each other’s destructive maelstrom.

Burning Questions

Before the (sack) end of this show, we need answers. The big question is what will happen to Eve and Villanelle?

Will they move in together and take their rottweiler for country walks in matching Fair Isle sweaters?

Maybe a Romeo and Juliet tragedy – one kills the other and then himself. In the first episode, Eve and Villanelle glimpse each other through an aquarium. It could be a clue because it’s a reference to Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of the Shakespeare play.

Based on episode one (already on BBC iPlayer), we’d also like to know how on earth Konstantin is mayor now. And why did Carolyn finally manage to judge sandcastles as a cultural attaché in Mallorca?

Will Kenny’s death be avenged? Who are the Twelve and what is their endgame?

Will Villanelle achieve salvation or will she return to her evil ways? We secretly hope so… she’s at her best when she’s bad.

number of deaths

Villianelle’s inventive and cruel methods of murdering people have left viewers stunned



Villianelle’s inventive and cruel methods of murdering people have left viewers stunned.

She stabbed a millionaire in the eye with a poisoned hairpin in the first episode.

Her perfume dropped one target dead and another hung, drawn and quartered in a pig suit.

She broke the neck of a boy in hospital and castrated ex-MI5 agent Frank while the Twelve’s assassin Rhian was pushed in front of a train.

Villanelle even killed her own mother by using the gas stove to blow up the house.

But not all deaths were hers. Poor Kenny was either pushed or fell off a roof after a confrontation with Constantine when he got too close to solving the case of the Twelve.

So who is in danger now? That will be everyone.

  • Killing Eve, BBC iPlayer on Mondays, BBC1 on Saturdays. Killing Eve fans are in for a surprise twist as villainelle meets religion in the final series

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