Kimberly Guilfoyle slams Fox News over debate entry rule


Kimberly Guilfoyle says she and fiancé Donald Trump Jr. will participate in the first Republican primary debate, despite Fox News’ “pathetic messages” would suggest so Access may not be possible the media area after the debate.

As moderator of Wednesday night’s debate in Milwaukee, Fox News will reportedly limit access to the post-debate “spin room” to only allow delegates from candidates who attended the debate, it said an internal memo from Axios. Former President Donald Trump, currently the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination, has said he will not be attending.

The memo noted that representatives of candidates who did not take part in the debate could still attend if invited by a media organization.

Meanwhile, Guilfoyle, who worked at Fox News for more than a decade, railed against the network an appearance on Newsmax on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, for a media company that I used to work for, you would expect better, but that’s just really pathetic news,” she said. “You’re just turning yourself on your head here. It backfires spectacularly. It distracts from focus on the debate.”

Fox News anchor Bret Baier, co-moderator of the debate, cleared Tuesday’s reports that the Trump team would be barred from attending the debate were incorrect, as they indicated they could still be invited by a media organization, including Fox News.

Donald Trump Jr. announced earlier Tuesday that he and his partner would be traveling to Milwaukee for the event, and the Trump campaign confirmed the former president’s son would serve as his running mate.

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