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All I want Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Fatesworn become more Amalur. Make me an interesting world with interesting people, fun quests and tame weapons. Fill in more mysteries of this decades-old world and show me that the franchise can take a beating, which considering the fate of the original game isn’t a sure bet. sure. For the first half of the chapter, I got my wish! “This is great,” I was thinking, “I can’t wait to see how it goes!”

And then Gate% & $ing Chaos appeared.

Let’s go back for a moment: Fatesworn is a new chapter for rise Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, the game brought Amalur and its world back to the scene after a tumultuous past caused an uncertain future. The original game is completely intact in Re-thinking, downloadable content is included, and considering how much you love the original game, the refreshing experience of Fatesworn feel right up my alley.

The core of the game is exactly what I wanted: more Amalur. The world of Mithros is amazingly large and has a lot to do. I suppose raising the level cap from 40 to 50 would require the help of a bunch of stuff, but without too much work to be done here it would be dangerous. There seem to be side quests and quests to be found around every corner, and plenty of monsters to take on in this 8- to 10-hour journey.

Main plot of Fatesworn created a perfect extension to the lore of the original game: the player’s character’s interference with the concept of “fate” in the original game had some lasting effects, which in this case meant is to unleash the God of Chaos on the world Mithros to possess the villagers and cause, uh, chaos. Then it’s my duty to clean up this mess, deal with the pre-ordained Telogrus fanatic, and bring him back to where he came from. So far very Amalur.

Riding around the world is like getting back on a bike after a jump, and that’s a great thing. The battle and discovery of Amalur In my opinion, fixing what’s not broken has always been the strongest suit for me. Unfortunately, where the problems start to arise, is the “Chaos” that the game sows throughout this adventure.

Chaos creature characteristics heavy in Fatesworn, familiar enemies now have the power of Chaos, which only certain weapons can dispel. I naturally find the items I need to craft these weapons, thankfully, so speeding up and taking down some Chaos Boggart and Chaos Spiders doesn’t take long. Some of Chaos’ enemies, like Niskaru that appears throughout the adventure, are THE WORST and made me want to throw a controller, but in the end they fell and I was able to move on.


This is where I refer back to the aforementioned “% & $ ing Chaos Portals”. About 2/3 of the way Fatesworn I was tasked with collecting a special armor that would aid me in my fight against Telogrus. The armor is found inside “Chaos Portals” or parts of Chaos Realm’s small dungeons that I can visit and explore. To open the Portal of Chaos, I had to close multiple Chaos Slots around the portal, with a different number of Slots each time.

So let’s get this straight, to collect armor I have to:

  1. Go to the designated Chaos Portal
  2. Defeat all Chaos enemies defending Chaos Rifts and close them, then
  3. Enter the small dungeon of Chaos Portal, find the tree-like entity at the end of the dungeon and kill it to get a set of armor.

Oh, and I have to do this five times, because there five pieces of armor. That’s the definition of bloat, and it absolutely stinks.

The artificial expansion of the game thanks to these portals kills a lot of the momentum of the chapter. Putting an entire armory in one of these portals is enough, but spreading it to five is just like lengthening playtime for the sake of prolonging playtime. It doesn’t help that Chaos Portal’s dungeons are an absolute must, most of them last about 20 minutes longer than they should, and they’re all filled with Chaos enemies that need special gear. special to defeat. God help you if you run out of Repair Kits and see the “broken weapon” prompt.

The best part is, these portals then opened up across the entire map of the original game! As if the year I was asked to defeat wasn’t heavy enough, I have the right to pursue, no kidding, TWENTY Many of them! I ended up having to settle for a few because I needed the boosts that each Chaos Gate closed for me to defeat Telogrus in the end, but they were just more similar.


Back to the main portals: once I have the armor, I can go straight to the final boss and after defeating him the scenes give a very clear view of where Amalur Franchising is moving forward. There were some lingering questions – yes, of course, if you wanted your fan base to come back that would be better, but the ending left me satisfied and excited for the future.

It’s hard to articulate the Chaos Portal part of Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Fatesworn is the rest of the new content. Until these portals open up, it feels like a story worthy of Amalur, with a few turns and Agarth plays a fool (as is tradition). Then the brakes pumped, and I was buried in purple Chaos energy for a long, long time in the main arc. If there’s one lesson I hope any potential sequel developer learns from this grand adventure, it’s this: leave Chaos Portals out of this and just make the game you know. i can do. As the rest of the adventure proves, Amalur franchise can still keep its weight. Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning: Fatesworn Review – Chaos Control

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