La Brea review: Sci-fi drama sinks into one of the year’s biggest stinky movies


Viewers these days are spoiled. Thanks in no small part to the proliferation of deep pocket streamers like the Pacific Ocean, we’re drowning in quality TV programming.

just for the last seven days, a list of brand new series and new episodes of ongoing series you may have picked up including Apple black bird, By Netflix It’s better to call Saul and paper girl, and Disney’s There are only murders in the building and Under the Banner of Heaven.

It was only a week. What about the past month or year?

With so much really, really good television at our fingertips, every now and then we’re reminded that somewhere out there in the vast television landscape, there are some people who are still actually making, really bad Television.

Until yesterday, I was convinced Harry Wild on RTÉ1 is the most horror TV series I’ve seen this year. Then come together La Brea (Paramount +) to prove me wrong.

The title refers to the La Brea tar pit in Los Angeles, where a huge sinkhole suddenly opened, sucking in people, vehicles, and entire buildings.

However, what opens up on your screen is not a sinkhole but a stink hole, where you will encounter the dumbest conspiracy, along with the dumbest dialogue ever to come out of a human mouth.

Since the series was filmed in Australia and not Los Angeles, a few of it belonged to local actors who struggled to keep their Australian accents from breaking like the fence-jumping Skippy the bush kangaroo.

We may be in the land Down Under, but the stars of La Brea is a standard issue American Network Television Family with flawless skin and teeth as white as kernels. Teenage siblings Josh and Izzy (Jack Martin and Zyra Gorecki) get stuck in traffic with their mother Eve (Natalie Zea), who looks about two years older than them.

All three are trading satire in a clever way that real people never do when the ground suddenly opens up. They jumped out of the car and ran. Josh went back to help a kid who fell and fell into a hole. Eve turns to help Josh and falls into the pit.

Izzy turns around to help Eve, who hasn’t fallen far enough into the pit that Izzy can’t take her hand. “I love you!” Eve told her, just before prying Issy’s fingers off her wrists and into the blue screen backdrop.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles, Australia, Eve’s troubled husband Gavin is in his car. He’s played by Irish actor Eoin Macken, who was in Fair City and therefore must know what it’s like to be trapped in a hole.

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Gavin is a pilot who crashed his plane in the desert a few years ago and had to leave the US Air Force because he had visions of a strange land.

He also has a drink problem, but the type of drink is only found in Hollywood TV shows and movies. Gavin was able to get a few slugs from his hip flask and two minutes later there was a job interview in which the interviewer, facing him from three feet away, didn’t notice that his breath was smells like the sloppy bucket of a pub.

Meanwhile, Eve and Josh wake up to find themselves in an eerie-looking place that looks like LA 10,000 years ago. That’s because, as viewers will realize long before the characters do, it To be LA 10,000 years ago.

The clues are in prehistoric creatures (birds, wild dogs, saber-toothed tigers) roaming around. These are rendered using some of the cheapest CGI I’ve seen. If the late stopping genius Ray Harryhausen was blind in both eyes and lost an arm, he’d still be up to something more convincing.

The script appears to be written by people with short-term memory problems. On two occasions, when Eve and Josh were confronted by a tie that wanted to eat them, Eve said, “Don’t move!” – followed by five seconds then “Run!”

Other sinkhole survivors include a dodgy detective, a depressed psychiatrist, a male doctor, and a stonemason.

Every two minutes someone asks out loud, “Where are we?” or “What happened?” or “What’s going on?”

Most of all, the man with myopia couldn’t find his glasses and said, “This is my worst nightmare.”

Wait, what? You fell into a big hole and landed Jurassic Park and THIS is your worst nightmare?

Really, madly, deeply brutal.

https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/television/tv-reviews/la-brea-review-sci-fi-drama-sinks-into-one-of-the-years-biggest-stinkers-41888395.html La Brea review: Sci-fi drama sinks into one of the year’s biggest stinky movies

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