Largest saltwater crocodile in captivity dies of ‘stress’ after ‘eating schoolgirl’

Lolong saltwater crocodile measuring 21ft from nose to tail and weighing 157m, the giant animal died in captivity after two years of ‘fungal infection’ and ‘stress’

Lolong croc 6.4m per ton
Lolong died two years after being captured and imprisoned

The largest known saltwater crocodile in captivity died tragically partly due to ‘stress’ but not after the giant was suspected of eating a fisherman and a schoolgirl.

The Lolong, a 21ft long reptile, was declared the largest by the Guinness World Records in 2012.

Before being caught, the crocodile is said to have eaten a fisherman who mysteriously disappeared in the town of Bunawan, Philippines.

He is also said to have bit off the head of a 12-year-old girl and eaten her two years ago, Daily Star reports.

After killing at least one person, Lolong was hunted for three weeks.

The nearly one-ton monster was finally captured and became the star attraction of a tourist park.

Suspected killer killed a fisherman and bit off a schoolgirl’s head


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Mayor Cox Elorde of Bunawan Town disposes of Lolong .’s corpse


Nice pictures)

However, two years of being locked up and locked up eventually led to his death.

Lolong was upside down with a bloated stomach and Bunawan Mayor Edwin Elorde said he had been ill for several weeks before his death.

The mayor told the Philippine Daily Inquirer: “She refused to eat last month and we noticed a change in the color of her poop.

“Our staff also noticed an unusually large abdomen.”

Lolong’s tragic story was recently shared on Reddit, sparking interest in the killer


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Local veterinarian Alex Collantes claimed the unusually cold weather could take a toll on Lolong’s health, BBC News reports.

Lolong finally died in February 2013 from a fungal infection and the stresses of being confined for so long.

A morbid photo has surfaced on Reddit under the name ‘Interestasf***’ showing the mighty animal being poked by a stick while it was motionless on its back.

Interest sparked interest in the dog’s sad story.

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The heartbreaking photo was captioned: “‘Lolong’ was the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity. It died of ‘fungal infection’ and ‘stress’ two years after being caught.”

The local mayor said he hoped that Lolong’s body would be preserved so that “people could still look and marvel at him” and that’s what happened.

Lolong is currently resting at the National Museum of Natural History in Manila, where his massive preserved body required 18 men to move around.

One user who visited the corpse said: “I used to see it when I was there a few years ago. It was very, very big. It was like watching a dinosaur recreation. Except you know. . these are still alive.”

The lifeless body of Lolong, the largest crocodile in captivity, rests in a conservation park


Nice pictures)

What really shocked those in the thread on social media was how dire Lolong’s condition must have been to cause such an animal to break down mentally and physically.

People assumed that the crocodile’s story belonged to a sister site in the community called depressasf***.

One Reddit user wrote: “It’s even sadder when you realize how amazing the immune system of crocodiles is. They can live in really nasty aquatic environments and be completely fine.”

“The level of filth that they had to have this for it to die of an infection… it must have been sitting in its own *** for literally 2 years.”

A few have watched his final years of torture-filled captivity for Lolong’s alleged crimes diminish two evils.

“He ate two people, that’s why they hunted and captured him. At least they didn’t kill him right away, which usually happens with animals suspected of predators.” someone said

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