Late-night hosts sneak into James Corden’s bedroom on ‘Late Late Show’ farewell


A group of old and new late-night hosts urged James Corden to keep their secrets — including the “fake laugh when a guest tells a non-funny story” — when they got caught in a “nightmare” sequence during his recent episode the “Late Late Show” on Thursday.

The sketch began with Meyers and Kimmel appearing at Corden’s bedside and explaining in detail what secrets they hope he can keep him after his late-night move out.

Colbert then left Corden’s bedroom closet as the group giggled.

“Well stay tuned, we’ll be right back with more James Corden everyone,” Colbert said as he laughed before switching to a serious look.

Meyers offered one of his signature “closer looks” at Corden’s musical habits at one point in the sketch notably his number “No Lockdowns Anymore” with Ariana Grande from June 2021.

“And then there was an immediate lockdown again,” Meyers said.

Colbert then warned Corden that he would be growing a “God spoke to me out of a bush” beard during his nightly retirement before Letterman got involved.

“God spoke to me and told me I don’t have to be in this part,” Letterman said.

The sketch later ended with a surprise revelation of former The Daily Show host Trevor Noah opposite Corden in The Masked Singer.

You can check out the entire Late Late Show sketch below.

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