Lauren Boebert’s tweet about anti-Semitism backfires


President Joe Biden announced a new fight plan on Thursday Hate, prejudice and violence against Jewish people and combat a alarming increase in anti-Semitism – and Rep. Lauren Boebert (Republican from Colorado) takes that very personally.

The President’s plan outlines more than 100 steps the government and its partners can take to combat anti-Semitism, according to The Associated Press. Biden said so sends a “clear and powerful message” that “evil will not triumph in America, hatred will not triumph” and “the poison and violence of anti-Semitism will not be the history of our time.”

If you thought that fighting hate was something most Americans could support even in times of polarization, guess again: It seems Boebert assumed that targeting hate groups really meant turning conservatives into to take aim.

When they say that they mean they want to persecute conservatives,” she tweeted. โ€Their tactics are straight out of the USSR playbook.โ€

Many Twitter users thought Boebert was revealing something about himself in her tweet, with one person declaring, “Every MAGA GOP radical extremist’s allegations are a confession!!!”

Another estimated that the Colorado Republican appeared to admit that “conservatives spread hate and are anti-Semitic.”

Boebert’s anti-anti-Semitism tweet isn’t her only hot take that didn’t turn out so well.

Earlier this week she falsely claimed that having a baby is cheaper than contraception.

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