Lawrence O’Donnell reveals for the first time why Trump is ‘scared’


O’Donnell referred to the former president’s “low-energy” appearance on Fox Business Thursday afternoon.

Trump said he abandoned the event due to advice from lawyers – but O’Donnell said the former president has never listened to his lawyers before.

“This is the first time Donald Trump is so scared tonight,” O’Donnell said.

The change came into effect after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis filed a 13-count indictment against Trump in what observers say could be the most difficult case for the former president yet.

“Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorneys were all far too weak and unprofessional to stop him from saying toxic, racist things about Fani Willis — until she indicted him,” he said, adding:

“And now we see that Fani Willis’s indictment hits Donald Trump harder than any other charge against Donald Trump. The Fani Willis charge is the charge that silenced Donald Trump.”

Check out his full analysis below:

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