League of Legends Preseason Patch Notes – Chemtech is Back

The LEAGUE of Legends 2023 Preseason begins with big changes for the year ahead.

The beta for these changes was released last month, but now they’ve been tested and are fully in place.

The next season is about to start.


The next season is about to start.Photo credit: Riot Games

Part of the map will be completely overhauled, and new systems will make the game a far more welcoming place.

Check out our guide below for the biggest changes coming to League of Legends:

Chemtech returns to League of Legends

A mix of alchemy and machines, Chemtech is one of the main focuses of the coming season.

Chemtech Drake is making a comeback with major improvements to encourage aggressive play.

Lil Nas X designed K'Sante - the newest champion of League of Legends
Halloween is coming to League of Legends with the latest 12.20 patch

Killing Chemtech Drake rewards your team with 5% Tenacity and 5% Healing and Shield Power.

You also gain the Chemtech Soul, which makes you 10% more resistant to damage and deals 10% more damage when you are below half your health.

The jungle in League of Legends is changing

Almost everything you see and do in the jungle gets a complete makeover.

Camps are becoming more durable, making them an investment for laners. However, Krugs are becoming less durable as two have been removed.

Monsters generally give less gold and experience, with these rewards being distributed through items instead.

There are now also companions in the jungle. The Mosstomper boosts your shield, making you more of a tank with every monster you kill.

The Scorchclaw accumulates embers as you attack and kill monsters, and the Gustwalker builds up speed bonuses and you weave your way through the jungle.

League of Legends is changing the top lane

Those who enjoy playing top lane will get better scaling to encourage this play.

Both top and mid lanes get an XP boost, and bot lane gets an XP nerf.

Mid lane will also make slightly less gold, making top lane even stronger.

Champion change in League of Legends

Three champions were buffed this patch including Cho’Gath, Lillia, and Nunu.

Increased Cho’Gath’s R damage to keep it competitive with Smite’s buff.

Lillia has been changed from a ranged to a melee character, with a decrease in base health but an increase in health growth and passive healing.

Finally, Nunu’s Q damage has been increased against non-champions.

Auto mod overhaul in League of Legends

League of Legends has a reputation for being a toxic area in gaming and the new update hopes to combat that.

Swear words and insults are recognized more easily and penalties are imposed more quickly.

The team has also claimed that they will be able to “identify the nuance between egregious chat and less serious but still inappropriate chat.”

Written by Ryan Woodrow and Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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