Learning how to play Final Fantasy 14 on a controller is slow

I’m doing the impossible: I’m learning how to play Final Fantasy 14 on the controller.

This is a seemingly innocuous statement. MMO built with the controller in mind since its inception as the FFXIV has always been considered a title for both PC and console. However, unlike other MMOs with limited skill bars that benefit from using a controller, FFXIV is as old school as they come.

This means that the bar is based on skill bars, all of which are used in rotation to maximize healing, threat creation, or DPS in the most stressful moments. Using a controller, especially after spending so much time playing MMOs with a mouse and keyboard, is a pleasure.

A little background: I’m playing a Red Mage, let’s face it, it’s not the most complicated class to learn. While it still has a pretty strong open salvo spin, it’s pretty straightforward once you get down to it, especially compared to other classes in the MMORPG. As if why I’m learning how to play MMO with a controller, it’s pretty simple: I’m playing it on PS5 instead of PC.

This is largely because my work and gaming PC are the same. Sitting at the computer all day working, while better than some of the other gigs I’ve had seeing me load storage units during the long hot Vegas summer, can still keep morale up. tired. The last thing I want to do is sit there a little longer. This also has the added effect that any game I play on that PC is for fun feel enjoy the job because the surrounding environment does not change.

Import my PS5 which I got late last year (thanks again, Dan). Final Fantasy 14 has always been an MMO that I want to really play, even if I struggle to get into it like I did many times last year. Part of the struggle I’ve come to realize is mixing the feeling that it’s work with just really enjoying myself in the MMO.

I often tell family and friends that I need a change of scenery to recharge and refocus. This is extremely true when it comes to switching where I play FFXIV. Logging into the MMO on my PS5 for the first time was pretty invigorating. I felt the excitement of playing MMO overwhelm me for the first time Endwalker Music flies all over my living room.

However, logging in and seeing the horizontal bars, left me with another feeling: fear. I will learn how to play, especially knowing that basically no one I know plays with a controller.

This is where I think playing a relatively easy class like Red Mage has helped. The standard spin, as I mentioned before, is pretty simple: fire off a Jolt and continue with Verthunder or VerAero depending on your Mana needs. When you reach a certain energy level, you fire your melee combo. There are other skills in there, such as Acceleration and more to give you more settings options for speeding up DPS, but that’s really what it is.

The main problem is that the MMO doesn’t teach you how to navigate the multitude of bars you can set up. This is where YouTube has been of great help. Finding players who have mastered the controller, especially for the Red Mage, is a huge help. Learned how to set up the bars I needed, sidebars, target shifts and more to make sure I didn’t accidentally target an ally in a tense skirmish when I needed to change aim Targeting the enemy (one of the problems I had in the first dungeon I ran like this) was sent by God.

However, while I’ve been playing tab MMO targeting with mouse and keyboard for years, controller learning has been slow. I understand the basics, I know the rotation and what I need to do to get everything in order, but doing it with speed and pressure is still an issue more than two months later.

This happened while running the Quest with friends and regular players. A friend of mine who’s been playing FFXIV since it came out commented with a chuckle that healers and tanks did more DPS than me in the first dungeon we ran while I use the controller.

Thankfully, the beta we ran about a month later, I was able to do it with him, at least the players who didn’t use DPSing. I still lag behind the rest of the damage dealers, but it’s an improvement.

It’s been two months since I started this journey and the controller has become my preferred method of playing. Final Fantasy 14 now, even on PC. This is mainly because I want to continue building muscle memory and keep it intact when I switch devices. Even so, I would be flawed to say that it feels great to lean back in the chair at my desk after a long day at work and just relax running around Eorzea with a simple thumb press.

I’m not sure I’ll do as well with the controller as I would with a mouse and keyboard. There’s a reason why MMOs like it Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft thrives as a tabbed-targeted MMO. But I’m enjoying the challenge – even if it feels insurmountable or ridiculous at times.

do you play FFXIV with a controller? How did you like it and was it challenging to learn? Have you tried and reverted to keyboard and mouse? Let us know in the comments below.

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