Leonardo DiCaprio’s accent in “Killers Of The Flower Moon” is causing a stir on Twitter

Finally, here’s a first look at Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated Killers of the Flower Moon.

A Star-studded trailer to the western thriller went online on Thursday.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Ernest Burkhart, the nephew of an influential local rancher (Robert De Niro) who is implicated in the Osage Nation’s disgusting murders. Burkhart is married to an Indigenous woman (Lily Gladstone) who has inherited an oil fortune, albeit at a deadly expense.

While fans can’t agree on how epic the trailer is, many on Twitter were quick to point out one troubling detail: DiCaprio’s accent.

Other Twitter users didn’t seem to mind the Oscar-winning actor’s accent.

Killers of the Flower Moon is set in 1920s Oklahoma and is based on David Grann’s bestseller of the same name.

The film tells the true story of a series of massacres known as the “Reign of Terror” in which members of the Osage nation were murdered and extorted by white invaders in search of their oil fortunes.

JaNae Collins, Lily Gladstone, Cara Jade Myers and Jillian Dion "killer of the flower moon," coming soon to Apple TV+.
JaNae Collins, Lily Gladstone, Cara Jade Myers and Jillian Dion in Killers of the Flower Moon, coming soon to Apple TV+.

In typical Scorsese fashion, the film’s trailer cleverly conveys the dark history of the Osage murders while being careful not to reveal too many plot details – while still managing to create an ominous atmosphere.

The nearly two-minute teaser is filled with death warnings, roaring fires, and a menacing voiceover from DiCaprio’s character, who ominously hints at the danger of “hungry wolves.”

The film, which will run a whopping three hours and 26 minutes, marks the seventh on-screen collaboration between DiCaprio and Scorsese.

Also starring are Jesse Plemons, Tantoo Cardinal, Cara Jade Myers, JaNae Collins and Jillian Dion.

Killers of the Flower Moon hits select theaters on October 6th and will air on October 20th. The film will later stream to Apple TV+.

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