“Let me solo her” heroically defeats the 1,000th Malenia

The Let Me Solo Her storyline has reached an epic milestone – defeated 1,000 Malenias. That elden ring The folk hero broadcast the event live and dispatched the thousandth goddess of rot in a manner that begs to be told to the masses.

The story of “Let me solo her” began last month when whispers from a strange warrior made the rounds on Reddit. Players handicapped by a boss believed to be one of the toughest in FromSoftware history would call for help and summon a helmeted, half-naked warrior who would take down Malenia with relative ease. Afterwards, “Let me solo her” returned to his world with a cheerful wave to await the next summons from a troubled Tainted. And from there the legend was born.

“I chose Malenia to help others because I fell in love with her design,” Let me solo her said in an interview IGN. After more than 200 unsuccessful attempts to beat her, when he finally triumphed, he decided to give his power to others so they wouldn’t have to fight like he did.

In which IGN Interview “Let me solo her” estimated that he had defeated Malenia around 300-400 times. In less than a month, that number rose to over 980. So close to 1,000. Kill decided “Let me solo her”, who has a YouTube account under the name Klein Tsuboi, to stream the push to 1,000.

Even in a world of no-hit, level 1, and pacifist runs, “Let me solo her” makes fighting Malenia look easy. The bleed status effect is his main ally against Malenia, draining a large chunk of her health bar every six months.

In his interview with ign, “Let me solo her” explained that he’s not always perfect and sometimes falls for his sworn enemy. The 1,000. Kampf looked like one of his rare failures, as Malenia “Let me solo her” got him down to a Silver of Health that was either too cocky or too cautious to take the time to heal.

During the fights, Let Me Solo Her hosts have the option to view or skip the second stage boss cutscene. In the final fight, it seemed wonderfully poetic that the host played the cutscene. For added flair, “Let me solo her” was played in the final moments of the fight elden ring Theme song – music not normally played during this encounter – which makes the fight from another day in the Malenia Farming Factory something really meaningful. The chat and comments on Twitter were screams of encouragement, hyped as hell to have the privilege of celebrating Malenia’s 1,000th birthday. to see it fall. Even Bandai Namco got involved, telling Let Me Solo Her that he would receive a gift for his efforts.

Little Tsuboi / YouTube

At the conclusion of the final bout, “Let me solo her” saluted with the ring gesture, thanked his viewers, and performed the dejection gesture as if he were about to collapse under the impressive weight of the feat he had just accomplished. He then immediately started a new game plus, resetting the game and ending his glorious story, at least for now.


Bandai Namco/Little Tsuboi

Let me solo her’s becomes a gaming folk hero, spawning fan comics, gag players who instead demand Malenia play them solo, and apparently scammers. Soulsborne games like elden ring, with their punishing difficulty are among the most demoralizing games you can play. The narratives themselves are grim, too, full of undeserved, tragic deaths and endings that inspire little hope. In all this darkness, “Let me solo her” shines brighter than even the Erdtree. He’s the best guy in gaming and those who have benefited from his help can count themselves among the blessed.

Henry V‘s St. Crispin’s Day Speech is perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most famous monologues, in which the titular king awakens his unlikely power to ultimately triumph over a superior enemy. Here, with a little liberty, I think the end of the speech fits well with the Let me solo her story:

And the gentlemen in The Lands Between are in bed now
Should feel cursed for not being here
And keep their girls cheap while anybody talks
That struggled with Let Me Solo Her

https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/11/23066977/elden-ring-let-me-solo-her-defeats-1000th-malenia “Let me solo her” heroically defeats the 1,000th Malenia

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