Let’s recap as Shadowlands comes to an end

In every way the story of shadowlands is completed. We stopped the jailer from putting his plan into action, poked fun at what’s to come, and learned about Sylvanas’ ultimate fate. Of course, there are still many goals to be achieved and different content to be experienced. For example, I’m working on going through each Covenant campaign on my main page and collecting everything from each one. As far as the story goes, however, we’re pretty much done. There’s a chance we’ll get a bit of history to bridge the gap between them shadowlands and what’s next, but these are usually pretty minimal. So I’m going to look at where we ended up and what I think was the biggest mistake in the story shadowlands Story.

One issue I’ve raised a few times is that I had reached a point where I no longer cared about what happened to Sylvanas. We were long past the fact that she’s a character I could like, and while I initially wanted her to die and go, I also realized how pointless that would have been. Nothing could have been done to her to match all the harm she had done, and there was no way to undo all the terrible things that had been done to her. Part of the reason I felt that way was because I didn’t think the ending could be any satisfying.

However, I also didn’t anticipate the ending we got. Having Sylvanas banished to the Maw with the express task of rescuing anyone mistakenly sent there is about as perfect as can be. I know we’ve already rescued some of the souls from Teldrassil, and some have probably already been irretrievably destroyed. Some souls were used to advance the jailer’s various schemes. However, the idea of ​​saving those who were left is a good thing. Also, not only have all the night elves died in Teldrassil; it’s all the souls that died from all worlds while the Arbiter was off duty.

Surprisingly, part of me hopes that she will finally find Nathanos and then he will help her complete this quest. It’s weird because it’s something she’d probably hope for, and I don’t think she deserves a happy ending or anything. But the idea that they work together to fix what can be fixed seems right to me. I know a lot of people would probably rather see her suffer forever, but that wouldn’t do either.

What surprised me as I played through the final chapter of the story was the rising of a silent anger I hadn’t realized was still there. I quickly realized that’s because I’m still upset about what happened to Ursoc. It was bad enough when he fell into the nightmare and we had to kill him, but then his soul had to be used to keep Ardenweald running. Danuser confirmed this shortly afterwards in an interview shadowlands started when a soul is killed/consumed in the shadowlands, it’s gone forever. This means that Ursoc can never be reborn. He’s just gone.

What makes this whole situation worse for me is, I think if he had a choice, he would have chosen to sacrifice himself. Both Ursoc and Ursol were among the first to heed the call of Cenarion in the War of the Ancients, and Ursoc in particular was always focused on protecting others. This is not a case of him being used in a way he would disagree with; he had no agency and could not make that choice. This fact gives the impression that Ursoc was just a tool to turn players like me against the jailer. None of this is resolved by defeating the Jailer’s Judgment or Sylvanas. It just feels sad.


That’s also the reason why I’m a bit apprehensive about the next expansion. If anything recently accidentally posted on the Impressive Website is correct, the next expansion could have a lot to do with the dragons, which would normally be the sort of thing I’d look forward to. I’m worried about what’s going to happen to them so we can deal with the next big villain. I’m not against bad things happening; There has to be a conflict to keep everything convincing. I hope we can have reasons to fight something without killing characters to make the threat seem real this time.

The other thing I’m hoping for here is that everyone we fight in the next expansion at least has clear goals and motivations. After two expansions on what the heck the main antagonist is up to or what he’s hoping to achieve, it would be refreshing to at least understand what he’s trying to achieve. I’m not saying I need to know every detail up front, but it would be nice if everything made some sense up front. If people have to be killed or traumatized, can they at least retain their agency? Let’s recap as Shadowlands comes to an end

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