Lindsay Lohan says this annoying piece of clothing made her “confident” on ‘Freaky Friday.’


Lindsay Lohan opened up in a recent interview about how she felt insecure about her body while filming Freaky Friday.

“I was so unsettled,” said the actor, who was 17 when the 2003 remake of the 1976 body swap comedy hit theaters. told Allure in a video published Thursday.

The then-teen star was particularly concerned about wearing low-rise pants – a fashion staple of the early 1970s. Lohan recalled that she “wanted to wear” the pants because she “wanted to be cool,” but still spent a lot of time worrying about how she looked in them.

“I was always nervous about what my stomach would look like if it were flat enough,” she told Allure. “Like that was my big thing on set.”

Now, she said, she realized there was no need to be so self-critical.

“Looking back, I ask myself: Why was I so hard on myself?” she added.

Lohan is far from the only one who finds low-rise jeans a source of stress. The garment has been making a comeback in recent years, sparking a wave of half-panic jokes from people who are decidedly unenthusiastic at the prospect of wearing it again.

Lohan’s “Freaky Friday” co-star Jamie Lee Curtis announced last month that the two are discussing a possible sequel to the film.

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