Lionel Richie reveals King Charles’ talent ‘that no one knows about’


Just call it your wryness.

King Charles III I have “this amazing sense of humor that nobody knows,” singer Lionel Richie told “Extra” in a video interview released Monday. (Check it out below.)

The American Idol judge performed for him longtime royal pal following Charles’s coronation in London on May 6th and later filmed a comedic role with him for an episode of Idol.

In a segment filmed at Windsor Castle, Richie revealed he was preparing a “surprise” for viewers and fellow judge Katy Perry, who also sang at the Coronation Concert, before inviting Charles and Queen Camilla to pose on camera.

“I just wanted to see how long you will be using this room,” the king said to the couple. Charles also appeared to jokingly ask Richie if he would stay there “all night,” in a sly nod to the singer’s 1983 hit song.

“He’s a closet comedian,” Richie told Extra this week. “He messed it up.”

Richie said the cameo came about when he casually asked Charles on the day of the concert if he wanted to appear on “Idol.” The king’s answer according to Richie? “Yes. … Is it okay if I bring the Queen?”

Charles was known for it something like a cutup when he was a prince.

In 2012 he did did the weather forecast for the BBC in Scotland: “Who the hell wrote this script?”

Charles gave it the crowning glory.

“To be or not to be, that is it Ask,” he said.

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