Little-known warning signs of dementia that you ‘shouldn’t ignore’ according to experts

Dementia can be slowed down if it is detected early enough. Here are some of the lesser-known signs and symptoms of dementia that can appear early as the disease progresses.

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A Brief Guide to Dementia and the Signs You Should See Your GP

Dementia affects around 850,000 people in the UK, and That number is increasing every year as the general population ages.

The deadly disease, which gradually impairs cognition and memory, is difficult to pin down.

Dementia there are 200 known variants – including Alzheimers. It manifests differently in each person and can affect adults of all ages.

However, there are a few early telltale signs that appear in most people with the disease.

Changes in storytelling personality can be an early sign of dementia


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Early detection of the disease can sometimes help slow down the degenerative process, but there is no cure for the disease yet.

“With early detection, you can discover treatments that can relieve some symptoms and help you maintain a level of independence longer, as well as increase your chances of being involved,” explains the Alzheimer’s Association. clinical drug trials.”

Many people think that the only sign of dementia is memory loss, however, there are other early gifting ways that can help with a quick diagnosis.

Early signs of dementia

Mood swings are a common sign of dementia


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When people begin to develop dementia, their personalities will often change.

Alzheimer’s Association says: “Personality can change in subtle ways over time. However, a person living with dementia may experience more prominent personality changes and may become confused, suspicious or withdrawn.

“Changes can also include a lack of interest or fear.”

In addition, the condition can affect mood – which can often appear like a personality change.

“Someone living with dementia can exhibit various mood swings – from calm to tearful to angry – for no apparent reason.” Explaining the Alzheimer’s Society.

Experts also understand that dementia often causes people to lose interest in daily life, leading to passive behavior.

If a person begins to feel fatigued with socializing or household chores, they may be developing dementia.

Complete list of dementia symptoms

Experts claim dementia can make people passive and withdrawn

Dementia can affect everyone differently. When doctors try to diagnose dementia, they will identify these signs and symptoms, according to Dementia UK :

Memory problems

  • increase the likelihood of forgetting
  • difficult to retain new information
  • Lost in places that were once familiar
  • struggle with names
  • frequently misplaced

Cognitive abilities

  • confusing time and place, for example waking up in the middle of the night to go to work, even if they are retired
  • difficulty with choosing what to buy and paying when shopping
  • struggling with decision making and reasoning
  • lose interest in activities they used to enjoy
  • restlessness, such as pacing, fidgeting and trying to leave the house


  • Struggling to find the right words
  • repeat themselves often
  • difficult to make and follow the conversation
  • difficult to read and write
  • become quieter and more withdrawn
  • loss of interest in society
  • unconfident
  • changes in personality and behavior
  • Mood swings, anxiety and depression

How to prevent dementia?

Although there is no known cure for dementia, the disease can be slowed down.

Some dementia risk factors, such as age and genetics, are unavoidable – while others are within our control.

The NHS suggests that risk factors such as hearing loss, untreated depression, loneliness, or sitting most of the day may be important.

As a general rule, a healthy lifestyle can – and should – help speed the development and spread of dementia.

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