Live One Life: Beginner Tips You Should Know Before You Begin

A REMAKE of the 1994 classic, Live A Live is a complex JRPG.

After a long wait, the Live A Live remake is here, with Octopath Traveler’s HD 2D style and some modernized designs.

Live A Live takes you on an adventure from prehistory to the distant future.


Live A Live takes you on an adventure from prehistory to the distant future.Photo credit: Square Enix

This is the first time this game is coming to the west, so JRPG fans should get started with this game on the Nintendo Switch as soon as possible.

With eight different time zones and scenarios to play through, there are plenty of problems a new player can encounter.

We’ll help you with these tips that will make you fly through the game’s story much faster than usual.

Choose your story

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One of the charms of this game is its non-linear story. Although things will eventually intertwine, at the outset you must decide where to start.

It’s not just personal preference either, as they vary quite drastically in difficulty.

If you’re looking for an easier experience to start with, head to Imperial China or The Distant Future first.

However, if you’d rather challenge yourself right away, Twilight Edo of Japan and Prehistory are some of the hardest.

scenario differences

Gameplay will vary from scenario to scenario as each protagonist has different abilities.

Some can hide from enemies while others can read minds. Always make the best of what you’ve been given.

This is part of what makes it one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2022.

Explore everything

You have eight different time zones to play with in Live A Live, it would be a shame to just rush through them all.

Take your time to explore the beautiful countryside and learn a bit more about the world.

If you poke around every corner, chances are you’ll find some great items and unique encounters.

Charged combat system

The grid-based combat system is something you’re probably unfamiliar with, so take the time to learn its little tricks.

You’ll charge forward with almost every action, and how far you move can mess up turn order.

If you attack for too long, the enemies might hit you before you have a chance to act, so be careful and make sure you’re always in the fight.

Strengths and weaknesses

As with most JRPGs, certain types of attacks are particularly effective against some enemies, but less effective against others.

Read your enemies’ weaknesses and exploit them whenever possible to deal more damage and possibly land status conditions.

Save often

The auto-save system in Live A Live is pretty robust, but if you’re struggling with a specific section or just got through a tough battle.

Some people enjoy playing without that safety net, but when you’re having a difficult time, there’s no shame.

grinding time

It’s a tried-and-true tactic in games like this, so don’t be afraid to grind your levels up a bit if you’re struggling with combat.

Part of what makes Twilight Edo of Japan such a difficult scenario to start with is a high-level boss that you’re unlikely to beat without powering up a bit.

tile effects

Elemental effects can be applied to tiles, and they mostly deal damage, so use common sense and don’t rush into the fire.

However, it will also hurt your enemies, so it can be used for a tactical advantage if you’re smart.


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