Lizzy Caplan hits Instagram-style ‘sexiness’: ‘It’s A Strange Time’


As Lizzy Caplan sees it, times are changing when it comes to sexuality.

“I think it’s a weird time in our society where things feel hypersexualized on the one hand in terms of your looks, on social media and in that way,” said Caplan, who stars in the upcoming Paramount+ reboot of the iconic thriller “Fatal Attraction” from 1987.

She continued, “But it also feels removed from actual sexuality and erotica and all the things that made those adult thrillers work back then. So there’s a distance between the sexiness of Instagram and actual sexiness.”

The theme of changing attitudes towards sex has been a theme in Caplan’s career since she previously appeared on the four-season Showtime drama Masters of Sex as Virginia Johnson, a real sex researcher in the 1950s and 60s.

“It’s easy to pat yourself on the back and say we’ve come this far, but a lot of the struggles are still the same.” Caplan told The Star in 2015. “The truth is that we are nowhere near as far as we should be. Being a woman who has a healthy sexual appetite is not easily accepted by much of society.”

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