Loose Women panels clash in heated debate about class system – leaving viewers divided

Loose women Carol McGiffin, Charlene White, Coleen Nolan and Linda Robson debated whether UK caste still matters, and things have heated up a bit.

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Loose women: Charlene and Carol clash over ‘social class’

Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin and Charlene White clashed over their views on the UK’s caste system in Tuesday’s episode, before Carol also got a little tempered with Coleen Nolan.

While Linda Robson supports Carol’s thinking, the panel, as well as the audience, is divided on what class really means and whether it matters.

The quartet debated the topic on Tuesday’s show, and things got a little awkward when the panelists disagreed.

Coleen quickly sided with Charlene as the two discussed cases where they or others felt inferior to those of another class.

But when Coleen shared her own experience of being despised, Carol repeated, “No,” because she disagreed that this was an incident.

Loose female Carol McGiffin, Charlene White, Coleen Nolan and Linda Robson debated whether caste in the UK still matters



As it started, Carol said of her opinion: “I really don’t mind what class of people. I think it’s become more about money, I think people assume there’s a connection. relationship between class and money.

“Which I don’t think there is because I think there are a lot of upper-class people who are beautiful and have no money. I think that’s why you were born.

“If you’re born into an upper-class family or a traditional upper-class family, you’re always upper-class. It doesn’t matter, you may be homeless on the streets, you’ll still be an upper-class family. people of the upper class.

Carol McGiffin and Charlene White clash over views on the UK’s caste system



“I believe because I was born into a decent working-class family, it doesn’t matter where I am now or what I’m doing, I’m still working-class, I can’t shake it off, And I’m happy with that.”

When Charlene admitted she disagreed with hers, she said, “I think over the last 20, 30 years, the lines have blurred when it comes to class.”

She added: “When you look at someone as working class by definitions, there are so many different definitions of it, they tend to involve a lot of manual labor, you’re looking at sweepers, you’re looking at bus drivers, mechanics, working-class types of jobs, for example.

“But that part of the middle class has changed the most I think in the last couple of years, so you can be in the lower middle class which I think is what you come to Carol. Then you have middle class, middle class, and then you have the upper middle class, which someone like Boris Johnson would join …”

When Charlene admits she doesn’t agree with her, she ends up telling Carol to “listen” when she starts talking about her.



Carol then interrupted, saying, “What you’re saying is that if you make a lot of money and you change what you do for a living, you can become middle class.”

When Charlene replied, “Of course yes,” Carol told her, “No… it’s just social climbing,” as the pair talked.

Charlene then uses the example of a self-made billionaire who comes from a working class background, as she argues that there is “no way” they can still classify themselves as working class.

But Carol disagreed, saying, “Why not?” as Linda agrees: “But that’s their background, they’ve worked for those billions.”

While Linda Robson supported Carol’s thinking, the panel, as well as the audience, was divided on what class means and if it matters.



“They’ve worked for those billions and billions, but if they’re billionaires, they don’t have to work every day in any job they can find to pay their bills,” Charlene continued.

Things continued to get messy as Carol disagreed with this view along with Linda, while Coleen appeared to support Charlene.

Linda then added: “It doesn’t matter if I have a billion pounds, I’m still working class,” prompting Charlene to continue to repeat her point.

Charlene also makes the point that it’s also about “how other people treat you,” stating: “You can be working-class walking into a room with loads of upper-middle-class people. savers who can make you feel less than the dirt on the bottoms of their shoes.”

However, Carol hits back at this, shouting back, “But you’re going to feel that way, they’re not going to make you feel that way. No, I don’t think so.”

Coleen later shared her thoughts and said, “It still happens, I walked in and because of the way I spoke and where I came from, especially in the North, they looked down on me and left.” she’s a bit too popular’. “

But Carol quickly began to scream and present Coleen’s experiences, saying, “No, I don’t believe it.”

Coleen replied, “Well, you should believe it because I’ve heard it.”

Viewers at home also seemed divided on the topic and more of the panel’s divergent opinions.

Taking to Twitter, many disagreed with Carol as one viewer said: “@CharleneWhite gives #LooseWomen a working class education, Carol denies and denies.”

Viewers at home also seemed divided on the topic and more over the panel’s divergent opinions.



Another concurred: “How can someone define a billionaire as working class? You may have been one day, but once you’ve got a lot of money, you’re definitely not working class too.”

However, others also concurred with Carol, as one viewer said: “Totally agree @McGiff that exactly working class is #spoton #LooseWomen.”

A second fan said: “I agree with Carole on caste issues,” while a third tweeted: “I totally agree with Carol just because you have money doesn’t mean her elite class. you’re trash.”

Loose Women airs at 12:30pm on weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub.

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