Loose Women stars say ‘everyone is different’ when they break the silence on feuds

In another world, journalist Jane Moore and TV star and activist Katie Piper might never have met, let alone become friends. But, as the couple tells us during our exclusive International Women’s Day shoot, that’s the real beauty of Loose Women.

Katie, 38, who joined the panel in August, puts an end to rumors of behind-the-scenes tensions once and for all, revealing: “Everyone is different in their own way and that makes the show fresh every time.

“There is no one you are afraid to work with as everyone is there for themselves and brings something unique to them.”

Jane, 59, who helped launch the ITV show alongside Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams in 1999, is still enjoying the ride after 23 years.

She says: “It’s like female friendship in general – it just evolves.

Loose Women stars admit ‘everyone is different’ as they break the silence on feuds


(C) 2022 David English)

The Loose ladies have uncovered feud rumours


(C) 2022 David English)

“When women get together, they might talk about their marriage, their children, or something on the news, but each time their perspective might have changed.”

The two are among a number of familiar faces who grace our screens every weekday at lunchtime in a cast that includes Charlene White, Nadia, Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch, Christine Lampard and Frankie Bridge.

Katie and Jane’s friendship doesn’t end when the cameras stop rolling. “We have a WhatsApp group and even if you’re not on the show it’s going,” Katie says, while mum-of-three Jane agrees.

Here, Jane and Katie, who also have two daughters, Belle, seven, and Penelope, four, with husband Richard, talk about the show’s strong sisterhood, their “messy evenings” and how they keep each other’s secrets…

Coleen Nolan has been rumored to be “unpopular” behind the scenes – allegations she vehemently denies



Hello my Ladys. This week is International Women’s Day. What does it mean to be part of a female-centric show?

Katie: It’s great that Loose Women celebrates diverse women from all walks of life. You go to work and you learn something new at every single show. The programs I had done before were documentaries where I was traveling alone, so it’s a different dynamic for me to film live with a group of women for an hour and I really enjoyed it.

Jane: We get so many people stopping us when we’re on the road and saying, “I’ve been through a tough time and the show has really saved me” — especially with the pandemic. I also think it’s important because I’ve done a lot of political debate shows that have been male-dominated, and I think we’ve heard enough of the male perspective. It’s nice to hear a female perspective every now and then.

Katie, you recently joined. Were you nervous about sharing aspects of your private life so publicly?

Katie: I was thrilled to be asked. I was a guest so I knew the women were welcoming and there was a real sense of sisterhood.

We’re talking about personal experience and you’ll know that when you sign up. But there is no pressure. That’s another great thing about the show – it’s unscripted and you’re encouraged to bring in your own experiences and opinions. I like that side of it.

Katie Piper is a panelist for Loose Women



As one of the original Loose Women, Jane, what keeps the show fresh for you?

Jane: One thing that has changed – and they haunt me, Kaye and Nadia, with that – is that they say, “Let’s look at what you said 20 years ago…” Then you see yourself saying, ” Well, if my boyfriend cheated on me, that would be it, he’d be out the door.” And now I’m kind of thinking, “Well, maybe a strike and then you’re out…” But who’s to say they’ve since their Twenties have not changed? We have evolved together with the viewers.

Do you count yourselves as both friends and colleagues?

Katie: Yes, it was really nice. We all do other projects outside of the show, so when Judi Love was on MasterChef, we all reached out, “I love what she’s cooking.” Or when Brenda Edwards was on tour with Hairspray The Musical, we all have tickets to go . It’s a real camaraderie.

Katie said she’s hesitant to share aspects of her life

Who are you closest to?

Katie: I had a real rotation, so I worked with every single Loose Woman. Linda Robson and Gloria Hunniford are legends
I grew up watching television. Then people with a journalistic background, like Janet Street-Porter and Charlene White, who are super interesting. Nadia Sawalha is a natural mom, Judi Love is absolutely hilarious… But everyone is different in their own way.

We’ve seen you all stand up and support each other when things are happening behind the scenes. How important is that to you?

Jane: Very important, just like in a normal friendship. If everyone is doing well, then you see each other at the show and exchange ideas. But when someone is going through a difficult time—whatever that difficult time might be—then you see the true power of female friendship.

ITV stars celebrated International Women’s Day

The Loose Women stars say they’re enjoying the changing lineup


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We also have quite a large pool of women now, and a lot of us are working moms, or we have elderly parents and we live real lives, which means sometimes you have to take the day off at very short notice and fill in for each other.

Can you give us an example of when others supported you?

Jane: Gosh, many times over the years. That goes for all of us. For example, we all knew about Christine Lampard’s last pregnancy when she was around 10 weeks old, and she stayed home until she decided to announce it.

And we knew that Coleen Nolan broke up with her husband. But it’s always done with the biggest nod possible when that particular person feels ready to say something.

We see you engaged in fiery debates. Are they forgotten when the cameras stop?

Jane: Absolutely. During the commercial breaks, we’re like, “That was a little fiery, wasn’t it?” I have a problem when people say, “Jane Moore and Nadia Sawalha are fighting on Loose Women.” Please, come on, we’re done with that. They never do that for two guys on a news show, and it’s so lame.

Let’s move on, we’re not in the 1950s anymore. But we take it easy and move on.

Do your families object if you tell stories about them?

Katie: I’ve shared a few anecdotes about my childhood or my mother and father, but I try to respect them when I do. My mom loves doing and watching the show and my dad watches too so I think they really enjoy it.

Jane: I’m extra careful with my kids because they’re at an age now where they would kill me if I said anything. We always text our kids and say, “Is it okay if I say that?” They don’t choose to be in the public eye, so I’ve always been very careful about their privacy.

But my older daughter was recently impressed because I met Brian Cox from Succession. We also had Ariana Grande with us and I get messages for her quite often, so it works out quite well.

Who would you like to see as a guest panelist?

Jane: Adele, although we might need a four second delay! And Victoria Beckham. I have met her many times and she is a real woman woman. It’s a fantastic evening – great fun. Really irreverent and has a great story to tell. She is fabulous.

We heard about the Loose Women nights. What actually happens when you celebrate together?

Jane: Mostly it’s organic. Someone might say, “What are you doing now?
Let’s go.” Then it’s going to be a really messy night. Or we’re going to be really sensible and just go for a quick drink. But we’ve had some really fun nights.

Katie: The one night I had was the National Television Awards. But I’m afraid there’s no gossip from me, I go home at 9pm because I have a four year old and get up at 5:30am. So I’m not a big party-goer or drinker.

What’s been the best so far, Jane?

Jane: We recently had a great movie on a cinema boat around Paddington Basin. Kaye rode – and rode in practically every other boat – and you end up watching a movie. Christine showed up looking flawless, as did Frankie Bridge – and then it rained cats and dogs. We were soaked but we ordered another bottle of wine and laughed our way through.

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