Lord Ashcroft’s ex-daughter-in-law describes how she shot a police officer in the head and then lied about it – World News

In the early hours of May 28, 2021, the ex-partner of billionaire Lord Ashcroft’s son, Jasmine Hartin, met with Superintendent Henry Jemmott for a late night drink, but the encounter between the two resulted in her shooting him dead

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin
Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin

The ex-partner of billionaire Lord Ashcroft’s son has described how she shot and killed a police chief in the tropical paradise of Belize.

Jasmine Hartin confessed to shooting Superintendent Henry Jemmott in the head in the early hours of May 28 last year while they were having a drink together on a pier.

However, she claimed she was not responsible for his death because she did not know the gun was loaded.

Hartin is currently on bail, charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Speaking in the documentary One Bullet in Belize , The Daily Mail reported how she said she regretted initially lying and claiming the police chief was shot dead by a man in a passing boat.

In the interview published tomorrow, she detailed the series of events that led to his death.

A new interview with the 33-year-old will air tomorrow, in which she continues to protest her innocence


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On the fateful night in question, Hartin claimed Supt Jemmott invited her and her partner Andrew, 44, over for drinks.

However, her partner, the son of the former Conservative Party vice leader, did not go, instead reportedly opting for an early night.

Hartin met alone with the police chief for a late-night drink.

She claimed they were just friends, even though her relationship with Andrew had ended.

Hartin said Supt Jemmot suggested that she become familiar with a gun for the second time in days after she was attacked a few weeks earlier.

Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott



Meanwhile, the chief of police was shot while she was handling what she believed to be an empty gun.

However, despite her claims of innocence, Supt Jemmott’s sister believes the Canadian socialite shot her brother “execution style” and wants her charged with murder.

Hartin described how, standing alone on the pier, she manipulated the officer’s gun, loading and reloading an empty ammunition magazine

She claims that Supt Jemmott had the bullets on the other side of her, and she has repeatedly stressed that she thought the magazine was empty.

Hartin was forced to return to prison in 2021 after a friend refused to post bail


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After a while he asked her to rub his shoulder before deciding to go back inside.

He then asked her to return the gun and magazine so he could use the bullets again, she claims.

She said, “Well, I’m leaning forward. I pick it up. I’m trying to get the magazine out [of the pistol]. I’m still sitting He’s still sitting.

“I use the moon to see and I push myself to try and get the magazine out and it was like it was stuck.

“I don’t remember ever touching the trigger at all. Next thing I know, the gun will go off.”

The officer then fell backwards onto her and held her as he bled all over her, she said.

Jasmine Hartin pictured with Andrew Ashcroft



She claimed that he started sliding into the water as he was too big to hold.

Eventually, officers found the police chief’s body floating in the sea.

After Supt Jemmott’s untimely death, Hartin initially claimed that he was shot by a man on a passing boat.

But now she says she bitterly regrets the original statement.

The mother-of-two has firmly denied all rumors that she and the police chief were lovers, saying they are just good friends.

The police chief had recently ended a long-term relationship, as had Hartin, but she said no one knew of her and Andrew’s split.

The Alaia Resort in Belize, which Hartin opened with her husband


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She dismissed rumors that she and Supt Jemmot were having a “fiery affair” and were caught by Andrew as complete fiction.

Now she is scheduled to stand trial in Belize from June 13.

A former dental assistant, Hartin grew up in rural Canada before moving to Belize in 2014, where she later met Andrew.

The couple became parents to twins in 2017 but never married.

Years later, cracks began to appear in their relationship.

When they opened a luxury resort in San Pedro in May 2021, they lived and slept separately.

Supt Jemmott was a married man and left a family



Two weeks later, Hartin said she was the victim of an attempted sexual assault at a friend’s birthday party.

After that, Supt Jemmott advised her to learn how to use a gun.

Just a day later, she saw an update on his Facebook that he was single.

She texted to ask if he was ok and he said he was ok then asked to be booked at the hotel.

During that stay, the two met for a drink late at night, resulting in the police chief’s death.

Hartin is now reportedly estranged from Andrew and is believed to be in a custody battle over their twins with him. Lord Ashcroft's ex-daughter-in-law describes how she shot a police officer in the head and then lied about it - World News

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