Louisiana Pooch sets world record for largest dog tongue


When it comes to long canine tongues, a Labrador/German Shepherd mix will lick all who come.

Zoey, a three-year-old dog from Metairie, Louisiana, just gave birth the living dog with the biggest tongue in the world from Guinness World Records.

Just for the record — both literally and figuratively — Zoey’s tongue is a whopping 5 inches long — longer than a 12-ounce can of soda pop.

Zoey was only 6 weeks old when she was adopted Sadie and Drew Williams, but their tongues were gigantic even then. Sadie said Zoey’s tongue was sticking out of her mouth in her very first picture.

Drew said the length of Zoey’s tongue was most evident after she played outside and “drooled everywhere.”

Last year, a vet measured Zoey’s tongue, and after the measurements were submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records, her tongue was officially recognized as the largest in a living dog.

Zoey beat the previous living record holder Bisbee, an English setter from Tucson, Arizona, who was awarded the title earlier this year.

However, both Zoey and Bisbee need to grow their tongues out a lot more if they want to take the all-time record previously held by Mochi, a St. Bernard from South Dakota.

Mochi’s tongue measured a whopping 7.3 inches before she died in October 2021 at the age of 12.

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