Love Island: After the Talent competition, we count down the hardest challenges

Not a challenge for the islanders, but for the viewers. For someone who suffers from severe second-degree shaming, and has had to endure the annual talent show at their child’s school, I resent having to endure the murder of Luca in Breaking Free. But first…

Did you know the four new Bombshells that landed less than a week ago? Well, 3/4 of them have already kicked in, thus proving that OG Islanders and viewers alike have no interest in investing emotionally in newcomers near the finale. If Danica has fallen in love with Deji’s relentless yet often measured advances, this pair could be a shoe for next Monday’s finale. Instead, she chose to pair up with the only new survivor of last night’s game – professional soccer player Jamie.

Indeed, Deji’s seemingly never-ending vacation came to an abrupt end on Sunday night, along with his “partner” Lacey, plus two other newcomers who had to come together to vote. are the two least compatible pairs and are therefore disqualified.

The producers swapped places for unnecessary new contestants in favor of the usual vibrant activities, such as Sports Day – where Danica was particularly interested. While we weren’t treated to any gems like Toby from last year frantically pumping iron in front of a two-way mirror when his team lost, we did see Danica in her natural habitat. – coach her team, participate in the post-contest interview, and deliver the required morale boost once the Red Team has BEEN COMPLETED at the end.

Currently there seem to be almost nightly challenges as the show draws to a close, here are recurring challenges on Love Island ranked from best to worst.

It’s not just based on personal preference; I searched social media in the name of research to see what activities viewers liked and disliked the most.

Twitter challenge:

This most popular challenge (almost above with the now defunct Lie Detector challenge) is said to have been dropped amid concerns about its impact on mental health of the candidates. In a nutshell, it involves Islanders reading out speech bubbles decorated with tweets and having them guess who the speaker the tweet is referring to. Why is it a fan favorite? Well, Twitter likes a little drama. So much so that they couldn’t ignore this.

Snog, Mary, Pie:

This annual event sees the Islanders choose who they want (as the title suggests) to snoop, marry, or smack in the face with a pie. It proved to be very insightful in regards to the mindset of an islander – mainly if they were the ones with grudges. For example, Twitter has theorized that Luca pissed Tasha off because she chose Andrew over him in the first week.

Video of the day

Movie night:

This is where Casa Amor’s wrongs come to light and all the bad guys get their only dessert. Theoretically. However, almost never in practice.

Sports day:

At the risk of repeating itself, Sports Day is truly an eye-opening day for contestants who are well-rounded people. Who’s the big loser (Luca), who’s the motivated juggler for good (Danica), plus who has the hardest bottom lane doing the egg and spoon race (all like so).

Meet parents:

In the penultimate episode, the remaining couples get to meet each other’s family members for the first (and often only) time. Usually it proves to be an emotional roller coaster ride, what happens with parents trying not to embarrass their kids while trying to hide the law – all while everyone Everyone wears long pants. Rumor has it that if Gemma and Luca make it to the final, Michael Owen will not be part of the meet and greet in the Traditional Mansion. Worth it for Luca to stay just to see how brave he is.

Challenges for kids:

The thing that annoys me the most about this challenge is the gender disparity on display – mainly how producers often send the boys out for an afternoon of golf while the girls are left to cuddle their babies. Crying plastic baby. Fasten your seat belts, because if previous years are any indication, this challenge is coming this coming Wednesday.

Talent show:

As I said, the confusion of the seconds hand can be wildly debilitating for the viewer – unless you let yourself loose like Andrew did tonight…

That manky food challenge:

Of all the 18-30 Club type challenges that contestants typically take on in the first half of the series (they mostly involve running slo-mo in swimwear down a dirt path before drop off a beer slide or perform some form of teasing) there are some that viewers will immediately disperse if given a half chance. It involves partners transferring certain sources of nutrition from one table to another with just their mouths.

This year, it involved the obscene slo-mos of cocktail mixes launching projectiles from their own mouths down their partner’s throats in an attempt to fill a jar. It got worse; previous years have seen word of mouth of Sunday Lunch, titled Spit The Roast. – Some.

Rundown of last night’s “Talent” show…

• Danica flaunts Janet Jackson in shorts. In her own words, she’s “more than a good shaker.”

• Adam performed a magic trick EVERYTHING – mainly because he chose to wear a shirt under the belt of his jacket.

• Instead of dancing like Danica, Tasha sang beatz and sang her heart out. She failed but she looked lovely doing it.

• Dami tried rapping, but even Indiyah said she would be “a bad girlfriend” if she said good rap.

• Professional player Jamie became surprisingly breathless while performing some dribbling.

• Gemma and Paige have proven to be interchangeable with a sensational My Humps performance.

• Ekin-Su dressed up as Miss Drama 2022 to do her variation of Faye’s amazing islander roast from last year. But it was an inspirational speech, which was nice. It’s like your great aunt declaring that she’s really proud of you.

• Andrew did what he does best, which is a scale model tour of the Mansion with a dash of humour.

• Indiyah towed a Milly from last year and typed her best on a tape recorder. It’s Twinkle Twinkle or Old McDonald. Or Mary has a little sheep. According to anyone who did subtitles, that was before.

• Davide had a hard time choosing “out of all the dishes”, but the decision to do a semi-naked cooking guide made Paige uncomfortable.

• Luca’s teeth tried singing something from Highschool Musical but it was horrible. Deaf tone. Even so, you can see Danica trying to cheer him up (and everyone else listening) with her serious gaze.

Here’s a handy montage of everyone rehearsing, which we could have done instead of the 30 minutes we collectively endured tonight… But at least it was. ended in another year.

Overall Viber…

Pull out key… Love Island: After the Talent competition, we count down the hardest challenges

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