Love Island: Movie Night Fallout brings double standards to the forefront


Lads. I’ve never shouted on screen as much as this season of Love Island. Why? Mainly due to the double standards on the display.

Look no further than the situation between Davide and Ekin-Su. Did she kiss you two in Casa Amor? No, he did. Yet she was the one to bear all the pain. She is unreliable.

OK, so she (literally) crawled onto the rooftop to kiss Jay, but she was only there for a wet week at the time. It was Davide who had him put on socks under the blanket with Molly while Ekin was beating her best friend in bed, George.

The most frustrating part, however, is when Davide describes Ekin as a “heavy thing” around his neck, and her head immediately falls there.

What about their relationship now? Well, Ekin was right while Davide was still talking about Ekin’s “beeeehayvyoor” like she was having a problem. They then had a laugh in the mini-fireplace, were forced to kiss by Dami, and then forced them by horseback riding against each other for a negligible amount of time.

The silent silence of the dams…
Last night’s Mad Movies part and the resulting breakdown made quite an impression. For example, Dami knew what was coming but still felt entitled to throw the ball from the offset after the video of Ekin-Su was broadcast, saying, “Your best behavior, yes?”

This is from the guy who suggested a three-way kiss and started with Summer under the covers in Casa.

Somehow, though, he managed to significantly lower the overall viewership estimate later on Monday night’s episode. He calls Summer to clarify about the kiss triangle and their connection during Casa’s visit to Indiyah. It all ends with Summer leaving after pointing out he took her away, Dami saying “Summer, I think you’re real… I’m fake, man, shut up”, before saying “All It’s all in her head.”

Instead of running over the hills, Indiyah fell into his arms again after having a moment to handle the proceedings. One can only assume that she is still in shock.

Dami eventually dragged Summer to a chat to say an sorry-no-sorry, where she had to remind him to actually say sorry.

Luca manages it on Gemma…
Also suffering from a big case of Tis One Rule For You and Another For Me-itus is Mr Bish. He still tries to feel like he’s been made difficult despite being noted by the girls that “he egged everyone (in the Casa) so he could keep it clean”.

Video of the day

And there, I think Jacques is this season’s answer to Jake.

Things got off to a good start when Gemma and Billy were shown engaging in that rather light flirting moment while they were mocking fries in the kitchen. Luca was already fuming violently after watching the clip, all he could say was “I’m fuming”.

Mind you, he also tries to spit: “Look at her, with a smile on her face. A shame”, that’s not scary at all. Then the guys all suggested, “Billy wouldn’t try if he didn’t think he had a chance.” Next, what is “no means yes”?

In short, we live in a world where ADAM “organised by Women’s Aid in the UK” COLLARD considers the most respectable guy in the mansion. How did we get here in the name of all that is holy?

Tonight suck and blow…
Challenges are coming thick and fast this week, with no fewer than three of them in the last 24 hours.

Challenge number two involving old chestnuts is to suck on a card while giving it to the person next to you with your mouth. Whoever drops the card must do the dare on said card.

Indiyah manages that, thanks in part to her “powerful lip gloss”. Luca had to ask Adam to explain what it meant to ride one’s coattails (in this case – the one who was using their teammates to get to the finals and top up with some cash).

Naturally, Luca chose Tasha, which led to Andrew being disturbed. Well, that and Dami rubbed his feet because he thought he was the one who got stepped over by his partner the most. Andrew tried to stand up for himself but was bullied.

Deji wants to “put 100pc in” Danica. His words, not mine. Apparently, he considers her “materialistic wife”, so she conducted interviews about his outside life and he did quite well. He certainly made an impression on Twitter.

And, let’s face it, Billy totally hooked Josh and started to notice Danica because a) she was the only single person there and b) he saw how versatile she was in the room. do exercise. So they got a little awkward under the covers – which she (originally) described as a kiss, while he said she “touched his pipette” and he reciprocated.

She later admitted to Indiyah and Summer that the Shop was open and both were customers. Meanwhile, in the Beach Hut, Billy admits that he’s not sure if he likes her or not. Sound.

Finally, it’s time for Snog, Marry, Pie. Edited version: Luca and Dami got all the cupcakes (even Indiyah poked her mate), while Adam got all the snacks. As for how the girls fainted? You will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Overall vibes…

Pull out key…

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