Love Island: Six former contestant producers could have sent instead of Adam Collard

Honestly, Paige and Danica haven’t gotten over having to contend with Love Island’s answer to Nasty Nick?!

rief recap: Adam is the original bomb that came out at the end of episode one of Series Four (if you’ve just started watching this season, Adam Collard is 2018’s answer to Davide).

Collard conducts a sneak attack on Kendall Knight from Niall Aslam, before selling the mod to Kendall in support of the new bomb, Rosie, whom he leads to believe he is completely mesmerized.

Then Zara walks in, and he tells Rosie she’s losing her mind asking if he likes the new girl. He then dumps Rosie in favor of Zara, whom he leads to him being completely mesmerized. Then he goes to Casa Amor … and repeats.

He was eventually kicked off the Island on the 33rd after viewers had seen enough of his antics when it came to his treatment of women.

Since then, very few people have come close to Collard’s dubious legacy – aside from last year’s Toby, who overtook the contestants with almighty odds. However, he does not exhibit the same level of obvious rolling disparagement towards his female colleagues. Toby was just a mess who didn’t know what he wanted and actually turned out to be one of last year’s most popular contestants.

The person Adam has his eye on…
For whom Adam got his nuts this time around – Paige (AKA this year’s Rosie), Danica (probably instigated by the producers after Josh used her as a quick route from Casa to main mansion) and of course, Ekin-Su. In fact, he didn’t ask Ekin to talk; she offered to take him on a tour of the mansion, then he said “Oh, you’re taking me to the Ekin terrace?” With a little luck, she’ll give him a taste of her own potion…

Instead, the former contestant producers sent to…
I find it perplexing that Adam Collard’s past behavior is rewarded with more exposure on official time – even if it causes the TV to crack.

Though he may have changed (like cheetahs tend to switch their positions etc.

Therefore, I have created a shortlist of more sound souls than can be selected for replacement.

Cetinay Ice Cream from 2017: Yes, he is the original cad, but at least he won the show with Amber Davis, thus proving his popularity. Plus, he made it to the finals last week Masterchef famous people last year, so the man can cook. Always a bonus.

Niall Aslam from 2018: This extremely charismatic individual walked nine days after entering the Villa in 2018. Why? Because he is confused by Adam wandering in and separating him from his relationship with Kendall, plus other irreparable factors due to his autism. Niall left the villa of his own accord to take care of his mental health. I still think about him often.

Dr. Alex from 2018: While some consider him petty, he is a qualified doctor who saves lives while serving as a youth mental health ambassador in the Department Education UK. Plus, he has dreamy eyes.

Chris Taylor from 2019: The man brought ‘diving salmon’ to the villa, while rocking the towel turbines after showering with sarongs and a stunning collection of shirts , worthy to find love GODNAMMIT. At least he had that lustful pitch with colleague Maura Higgins in 2020.

Ovie Soko from 2019: The noble basketball player is both a gentleman and a geek.

Last week’s Jack Keating: Listen, as Ekin said, “Life is a roller coaster ride, you have to ride it.” Wasn’t the sight of Jack successfully seducing the woman he was most interested in – Paige – now that Jacques had opened her eyes? Especially after he pulled a poor man’s Liam Reardon on Sunday night’s episode, scribbling on a tissue paper with someone’s precious little dog.

Video of the day

As for tonight’s prank…
While everyone, including Summer, didn’t know who voted Coco and Andrew on behalf of jaysis as their favorite couple, the safe islanders considered who they would keep.

They decided to drop Jay and Chyna and switch to Dami and Summer – mainly because of the craic. Dami seems to be late, but the mansion would be dull without him.

While Davide appeared heartbroken over the loss of his best friend on the bench, Jay offered some advice to Dami, something like: “You treat my man, you listen to me. are not?” Don’t feel too bad for Chyna; she announced before leaving she would call the spoils for her ex.

The Casa Amor couple finally bit the bullet…
While in the mansion, Josh quickly made friends with Danica. Joining him was also Andrew, who also quickly became friends with Coco despite promising to “ruin” her, leaving her feeling taken advantage of. Cue Ekin is doing what she does best (aside from running around the menfolk) and it makes all the girls feel bad when they feel trash.

Following in the footsteps of OG and OG friendship supporter Jay, Dami next tells Summer that he just wants to be friends/effectively use her as a human shield in case Indiyah gets back with someone. there. Indiyah follows suit, befriends Deji, and lets Billy and Tasha leave.

With Andrew letting her down (despite his lying about getting too intimate with Coco, plus his frustration with Tasha does only a fraction of what he’s taken on in Casa) and Billy are clearly trying to free Luca’s Gemma, they are the last new couple to call it a day.

All that reverted to this sort of thing saw Jacques get into Paige’s bed once more. How? He wrote a lengthy text about his feelings on the phone and read it to her. And, she swallowed it hook, stream, and stench (yes, stink…). What did he say? No idea, I had to turn it off because of intense nausea.

As the boys are treated to a boys day out, slathering lotion on each other in a random pool, Paige gets a text message about an “Adam” walking into the mansion. With his opening voiceover gambit, which includes gems like “I’m the original OG bombshell, the perfect package” he hasn’t achieved arrogance in the intervening years.

As for his welcome? Many confused looks between feelings like…

Less than two minutes into the door, Adam had dropped bombs left, right, and center, giving unexpected insights into people’s current relationships. And none of that is free.

He tells Ekin that he’s just seen the friendship vibes between her and Davide, he’s basically telling Paige that Jacques is immature (the shocker) and will cheat again, while this he told Tasha it didn’t really matter because she would drop Andrew in a heartbeat.

Oh, and he informed Gemma that a) Luca was possessive and b) that she was his type – as soon as the boys got home.

Overall vibe… Love Island: Six former contestant producers could have sent instead of Adam Collard

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