Love Island: Why do people think Paige should leave with Jacques? Plus, Adam chooses in tonight’s recall…

When I say “everyone,” I’m mainly referring to Luca. He was there on Tuesday night’s episode, thoroughly AGHAST when in fact Jacques had left the villa “alone.” Luca even goes as far as to say he’s leaving with Jacques only he has to stick with Gemma (along with potentially lucrative future grants, plus the joy of being paid while going). wandering around a mansion for weeks on end).

ut i digress; we’re here to discuss Paige’s failure to go with Jacques after he decided to leave the show and the unreasonable expectation that he would have companions on his way out the door. Twitter is also applying pressure, with the well-broadcast Theo meme making rounds.

The question is this; WHY did Paige leave with Jacques after he played a complete goat? Let’s count the ways, shall we? And before anyone starts lamenting, “Leave him alone, he’s devastated!” I agree, he was deeply saddened to leave and it was equally hard to see someone so distraught. However, for Jacques to appreciate accountability for his actions, perhaps one of the girls he considers disposable shouldn’t go hand in hand with him?

A reminder of Jacques’ broadcast behavior…

1. The first morning at the villa, Jacques asked why the girls didn’t go to the kitchen because he wanted breakfast. But that’s just “baaaahntah”, innit.

2. He kept telling the boys that Paige was “infatuated, I can see it in her eyes.”

3. He raised Jay’s Paige without discussing it with her first. Luca is the intimate person he should let Paige know, Jacques said “What”, do I have to tell her? “

4. When Paige started dating Jay, Jacques suddenly decided he really liked her. So much so that he took her out of bed in the middle of the night to tell her the truth.

Video of the day

5. After “opening up” to her the night before, Jacques went 2.0 when Paige didn’t immediately accompany him to the pool when summoned. Why doesn’t she? Because Jay (whom Jacques lent her) had engaged her in conversation in the kitchen and, since they were sharing a bed with Jacques, Paige didn’t want to be rude to Jay so they chatted. Then, when she goes to see Jacques, he has a more tangled epic proportions. It seems that, in certain circles, if a man “opens up” to a woman, they will exist in a perpetual stalemate of slavery and gratitude.

6. Jacques was mean to disparage Paige when she was honest about her feelings after the Heart Rate challenge (he fell in love with his ex-girlfriend Gemma Owen instead of her). He said she was “sulking”, and “pathetic” before telling her to “walk away”. He later admitted his heart rate had increased because he was reminiscing about having sex with Gemma.

7. Then there’s Casa Amor, where Jacques gleefully declares “Who is Paige?”, dragging Molly around the pool with his tongue literally, before being visibly agitated by Cheyanne the next day. in the pool itself.

8. He may also have whistled or fingered Paige after he found out Adam called him immature, before actually telling Billy to “turn it off” so he could speak. private conversation with Paige.

9. He wears a suit to the Hideaway. Suit.

10. When Paige returned from Casa Amor, and his antics were exposed, Jacques never apologized. Instead, he tries to make all of Paige’s problem, saying, “If you can’t accept it, that’s it.” He also ditched this humdinger…

To quote Paige’s family since Jacques’ departure; she’s “under no obligation to follow” him – even if he doesn’t do all of the foregoing. But he did. And you live with your choices. One thing, though, is that, with Adam choosing to pair up with Paige in tonight’s episode, this could be a serious case of dropping the pan and rushing into the fire for the Welshman.

For other recallers…

People only pair up with whoever they’ve paired up with before Casa, leaving the poor who they avenge using each other. Josh chose Summer, leaving Deji to try to justify him choosing Coco when she was the last girl standing. He actually said that “we share similar interests” before I had to skip the proceedings.

Billy, after being zoned out by his friends by Tasha, suddenly decides that he has fallen in love with Danica.

In her speech, when paired with Indiyah, Dami said: “Go back to bed again and see if any shops are open this time.” He also said – in all seriousness – that “being away from her is unbearable”, prompting valid responses to be expected via Twitter.

In other developments…

There’s a challenge, but it’s not a Twitter challenge. Or challenge Snog, Mary, Pie. Also, it’s the moment in the series when someone asks someone else to be their girlfriend/boyfriend, which always includes an incredible scavenger hunt around the mansion, culminating in was a cringing speech by the fireplace. This year, it’s Tasha and Andrew, the shared joy of Twitter.

Luca tells Gemma that he loves her. And she mumbled it back. Either way, Luca goes one step further to meet Michael Owen. Plus there are cash prizes. Reward.

Tonight’s long show culminated in the usual boisterous text messages to win over the three girls and boys with the fewest votes from the public. It’s Summer, Coco and Tasha, plus Deji, Josh and Andrew. Needless to say, there was a spoiler. By contrast, by tomorrow night, none of us (at least Coco) will suffer this level of weirdness again…

Overall vibe…

Pull out key… Love Island: Why do people think Paige should leave with Jacques? Plus, Adam chooses in tonight’s recall…

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