Man claims he’s rejected by Jobs because of his looks

Jay Short, from Newport, Wales, has been rejected by around 30 jobs in recent months despite years of experience in the industry and believes it’s because of his facial disfigurement

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A Welsh man said he was unable to find work because of a facial disfigurement and felt “overlooked”.

A man says he can’t get a job and is always “overlooked” at job interviews because of his looks.

Jay Short, from Newport, Wales, has been rejected from numerous jobs over the last few months despite having submitted many applications and having years of experience in the industry.

The 39-year-old had to overcome many barriers due to a facial disfigurement, he says Wales Online.

Nevertheless, he was unsuccessful in around 30 applications in the past few months and had to apply for universal credit .

He recently interviewed for a position at a company he had previously worked for and said hiring managers were “impressed” with his resume and experience and that his first interview went well.

However, he claims things turned sour when he was suggested to complete a video interview.

Jay has a facial disfigurement and said he had to overcome years of barriers because of his appearance


jay short)

“I got ready, got on the call and literally while I was turning my volume on, they disconnected the call,” he said.

Jay claims he later received a text message telling him the company would not be processing his application any further.

“I asked why and they said they had interviewed me for a role before,” he said.

He added: “I used to be a manager and I’ve re-interviewed people for roles 10 times in the past and it’s never been a thing. Every company that hasn’t fobbed me off has said you’re welcome to apply for any position in the future.”

He claims that when he was suggested that he complete a video interview, things went sour


jay short)

Jay said the incident upset him and he has faced numerous situations over the years where he feels he has been overlooked because of his looks.

He said it was particularly hurtful as he has nearly 20 years of hospitality experience, including leading teams, events and events. Despite this, even roles below his level of experience turn him down.

He said: “Last summer I went to an interview where they said, ‘We love your resume’ and asked me to come in.

He said it was particularly hurtful given he has nearly 20 years of hospitality experience


jay short)

“They finally came up to me and said, ‘I just gave the job away.’ I just didn’t believe them when I talked to them half an hour ago. They had spent the last few days calling me and making sure I was there. And then when I showed up, they didn’t give me more than 30 seconds.”

Jay said his disfigurement has never affected his work and he’s had to overcome many confidence issues over the years.

“I felt really down. It [my disfigurement] never affected my ability to work anywhere. I’ve worked my way up from the bottom, from glass collector to managerial role, through all the hurdles, and then there are companies that don’t give people with disabilities a chance.

“I broke a lot of barriers and pushed myself to get out of there. For years I had no confidence I would not leave my house. When I first started working I built my confidence and that was going really well until then Covid.

Jay said his disfigurement has never affected his work and he’s had to overcome many confidence issues over the years


jay short)

“I’ve done jobs in the past where people would come in and be really rude because of my looks. I’ve had people pointing at me to the point where a staff member walked up to them.

“I had my CV refreshed and the job center said it looks very good, I have a lot of experience and there is no reason why I should be unemployed.

“I know people are struggling, but places are screaming for people, and then there are some companies that won’t even give you a chance because visually you don’t fit what they want. I’m into inferior reels, like bar reels, and they keep telling me, “You’re not what we’re looking for”.

“It’s pretty heartbreaking and I can’t go on.”

Jay said he often gets compliments in the early stages of job applications, before people meet him and “switch off.”

“That’s the most painful thing. My partner has never seen me so broken as when I come back from an interview. i’m just pale

“I am now at a point where I cannot find a job. I am struggling and on universal credit that no longer covers anything. That makes life extremely difficult.

“Last year I had to decide whether I wanted to pay my rent or go out to eat. My partner is amazing and helps me when she can, but I’ve always worked and never wanted to be that person.”

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