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Aaron Flynn-Shore’s mother Louise is 17 years younger than her son’s husband, but the “hate” the couple is experiencing online doesn’t upset her – even when strangers mistake them for father and son

Aaron and Mike Flynn Shore
Aaron and Mike Flynn-Shore are tired of strangers having a say in their relationship

A man in love with a stock trader nearly 40 years his senior insists he’s not a ‘sugar baby’ – and has vowed to make more money than his husband to silence her critics.

Aaron Flynn-Shore, 28, met Mike Flynn-Shore, 67, in 2017 through a dating app, but cruel strangers often ask if they’re father and son.

They became close in New York on a summer exchange program away from Aaron’s home in Dublin, Ireland.

Friends and family have always been fully supportive of the relationship, particularly Aaron’s mother Louise, 50, despite being 17 years younger than her son’s husband.

Though they initially thought their six-week affair would be nothing more than a summer romance, the smitten couples continued to exchange messages for the next two and a half years.

The pair are often mistaken for father and son — something they’ve learned to laugh about


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But despite the distance between Dublin native Aaron and New York native Mike, the pair quickly fell in love and wed in 2020.

The pair always “laugh” at the stick they get and say they’ve never been ashamed to show off their relationship.

But Aaron, who says he’s always had a thing for older men, admits he feels pressured to make more than Trader Mike so people don’t brand him a sugar baby online.

While Mike said he’s scared of “getting sick and dying” in front of Aaron, he adds he’s “hopeful” his husband will find love again.

Aaron said: “Personally, I’ve never felt judged, or at least not that I’ve ever noticed it.

“Online I think people are pretty harsh, especially from the gay community, which is ironic.

They met online and became close during Aaron’s trip to New York


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“There can be a lot of hate comments from sugar daddy about daddy issues, it gets pretty repetitive. The hate doesn’t reach me that much.

“Sometimes the sugar daddy comment does that because I feel like I’m working harder in my life just to prove something.

“I feel like I need to make more money than Mike and I’m on some kind of mission trying to get to the top as fast as possible just to prove a point.

“But then the other side of me knows I could bust my balls and be the next big CEO, but people will still say ‘Sugar Daddy,’ no matter how hard I have to work.”

Smitten Aaron invited Mike to Dublin in January 2020 where Mike confessed he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him.

Her family and friends have always given her full support


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Mike suggested giving Aaron a card with 50 reasons why he wanted to marry him before moving to Dublin in March 2020 and the couple wed seven months later in October.

Aaron said: “At the time I wasn’t worried about the age difference because to be honest I never really noticed the age difference.

“I was attracted to this man and that was all I thought about. I never thought I would get married.

“I knew liking older men only made it harder for me, so I didn’t think a long-term relationship was an option.

“But then Mike came along and to my surprise everything just fell into place and I quickly realized that maybe a relationship was possible.”

Aaron says his biggest concern about being with someone three decades his senior is that he’ll be around a lot longer than Mike.

Aaron says he feels pressured to make more money than his stock trader husband


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Aaron said, “I’m madly in love with Mike and his age dawns on me a bit more, especially when he says things like ‘I’ll probably be dead in 10 years.’

“Things like that are hard for me to deal with because I’m in a loving relationship that I never expected and I can’t even imagine not having that feeling and not having him by my side.

“Honestly, it feels like we’re the same age and I’m living with him all the time, but it makes me a little uneasy to think that he might die before me.”

Mike, originally from New York, USA said, “People make honest mistakes. Once we got Aaron a new phone and the guy said ‘I think your son would like that’ or at the gym in my building a guy asked if he was my son.

“We just smiled and it’s a simple and honest mistake, but we always correct them. They’re a little embarrassed.

“There’s a hotel next to us and a girl there asked how we were related and I said ‘he’s my husband’ and a guy at the drug store asked if he was my son.

“When we bought our engagement rings, the woman thought he was my son and I was getting married a second time, so I had to explain it to her.

“She said, ‘Are you going to bring your fiancé?’ She giggled and blushed a bit, I never think of an age difference.

“You can think things are weird until it happens to you.

“His mother was wonderful. She never specifically asked my age and I wouldn’t lie, but his stepdad said, ‘You must be about our age,’ and I just said I was.”

Mike admitted that one issue that “scares” him is the likelihood of him dying before Aaron.

Mike said: “One of the things that scared me is that I’ll probably get sick and I should die before him, but hopefully he’ll fall in love twice more.

“I have the money to take care of myself so it won’t weigh on Aaron. I would never want him to be in a position where he has to take care of me.”

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The couple shares their story to show that age doesn’t matter in a relationship, and they’ve started a blog, Queerdaze, to chronicle their journey.

Aaron said: “I think it’s hard enough to find love in this life, people might not even find it in this life.

“I think it’s ridiculous when you allow something as small as an age difference to possibly make you happy.

“People are quick to judge others, but I think if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, maybe you should keep it to yourself.”

Mike said, “People should look at their own lives. I’m sure there are things in people’s lives that they don’t talk about, but we’re very open.

“I know so many couples who don’t want to be in each other’s company. Look at your own life before you judge other people.”

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