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A man who’s never dated has spent £25,000 to get rid of his excess skin after losing a whopping 20 stone

Michael Sebti went from morbidly obese to an aspiring bodybuilder in just two years.

With around 32 stones at the age of 20, the former engineer from Villeurbanne in France was ashamed.

He had been obese since childhood, with most of his family being either overweight or obese for various health reasons

The 24-year-old had stopped going outside and socializing as the constant stares and comments from strangers made him feel like a circus freak.

Michael, a former engineer, was not lucky enough to meet women as his weight made him uncomfortable going out and meeting new people.

He had never tried to talk to a girl because he was too ashamed of his weight.

Michael said he used to be treated “like a circus freak” when he went out in public


Michael is pictured with sagging skin from his weight loss


After struggling to find a job and feeling his weight was holding him back, Michael decided to make a big change.

He signed up for a gym membership but quit after just two sessions when he noticed people were staring at him and the cost wasn’t helping either.

Of all the options, Michael was left with changing his diet.

Having previously eaten large amounts of fast food and snacks, Michael decided to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to healthy eating.

It was a big change that he gave up processed foods and replaced them with lean proteins like chicken and salmon and every kind of fruit and veg.

The weight started to flow, and by two years he had lost about 20 stone.

Michael is now 12kg and has gone from a UK size Triple Extra Large to a UK size Medium.

However, the rapid rate at which he had lost the weight had caused extreme sagging skin around his stomach and limbs.

It took a massive toll on his confidence and Michael knew he had to do something.

He researched surgeons who specialized in loose skin after weight loss and found one that was known worldwide.

After taking out a loan and receiving financial support from the French Health Service, he scheduled his first surgery in October 2019.

Due to the complexity of the operation, Michael required two more skin surgeries in February 2020 and again in January 2021, costing him a total of £25,000.

Despite the progress Michael has made, he’s not done yet.

After admiring the bodybuilder physique he never had, he decided to start exercising at home in January 2021 and started in the gym after lockdown ended.

Michael Sebti’s obesity was believed to be genetic


Michael has now left his career as a freelance engineer to start a YouTube channel called MS Transformation and wants to start coaching other people to help them lose weight.

“I’ve been obese since childhood,” he said.

“My mother’s family is morbidly obese, I’m genetically made to be obese.

“I also ate a lot of processed foods in large amounts.

“At school we had swimming lessons and I asked my mum for a doctor’s note to avoid this because I didn’t want people to see my body.

“It was the same when I was in my 20s. I hid because I was criticized when I went out.

“If you’re morbidly obese, you’re treated like a circus freak, so I spent most of my time at home.” People called me fat or mammoth and pointed out my weight on the street.

The sagging skin left over from the weight loss was a source of shame for Michael


“When I went grocery shopping or to restaurants, people would look at me and laugh or whisper. “I couldn’t find a job that I wanted either, and I got to the point where I started wondering what kind of life I wanted to have, if I wanted to be able to choose for myself.

“I went to a gym but only did two sessions and canceled my membership.

“I didn’t have any money because I was a student and I was embarrassed to go to the gym and have everyone looking at me.

“So I started a diet where I mostly ate salads with protein. I eat a lot of chicken, vegetables and fruit.

“It was hard. When you’re on so many diets, you’re always hungry.

“I made a lot of mistakes and was so focused on losing weight that I restricted my diet too much. “I started getting saggy skin all over.

“I started thinking, ‘why am I doing all this just to still have a bad body?’ I almost gave up.

“So I found one of the best surgeons in the world and I really wanted him to do my surgery.

“It was expensive, so I had to take out a loan. We also have financial support in France for people who lose a lot of weight.

“After meeting with a medical officer I was approved and spent around £25,000 on my surgeries.”

The combination of losing weight and removing the sagging skin brought a whole new chapter to Michael’s life.

“It changed everything completely. I’ve developed a mentality that I’m unbreakable. When I set a goal, success is my only option,” he said.

“I’m a very demanding person and my goal now is to be successful in bodybuilding. I’m not completely happy with my body yet, although I want to build muscle and compete in two years.

“I’ve always wanted to start a business. I was a freelance engineer and I got job offers, so I had to decide between taking the job or starting a business.

“It was the right timing and now I can give 100 percent to my passion of helping people lose weight.

“I started a YouTube channel and got thousands of comments. I remember a man said he was thinking about suicide and saw my video and it was crazy.”

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