Marjorie Taylor Greene called for ‘reckless’ comments from Jamaal Bowman

A Georgia voter has just slammed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (right) for making “reckless” comments about Rep. Jamaal Bowman (DN.Y.).

The Conservative darling recently faced criticism for calling Bowman “aggressive” and claiming she felt threatened after a confrontation on the Capitol steps last month – comments many have described as racially motivated dog whistle.

A Greene voter recently confronted her during a Georgia City Hall-style event that former GOP official Ron Filipkowski attended in an interview Twitter video on Saturday.

Pointing out the dangerous implications of Greene’s allegations, the voter asked, “Do you know who Carolyn Donham is?”

“She was the woman who said Emmett Till gave her the wrong look or said something to her like you did Jamaal Bowman…” she explained.

While Greene supporters booed the voter, she stood her ground and told the crowd, “Would you shut up? I have the right to say what I want to say.”

“I think you’re being reckless,” she continued. “I think you’re being inconsiderate. You had no right to say, ‘Oh, he’s so big. Oh, I have a feeling he’s going to hurt me.'”

“It’s the same thing Carolyn Donham said that led to Emmett Till being killed and that was reckless and you did something reckless. And if anything happens to Jamaal Bowman, it’s on you,” she continued.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to the press after passing a debt ceiling bill May 31.
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to the press after passing a debt ceiling bill May 31.

Mostafa Bassim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Greene responded defensively, telling the voter, “Let me ask you, were you in New York when he stopped in front of my car … and gathered a crowd around me?” Were you there?”

“No, you weren’t in New York City when this happened. It’s on video, it’s on video, and you can watch the video. And you can see him cursing. That’s wrong. This isn’t about skin color. I refuse, I refuse, that you do this.”

Bowman previously called Greene’s comments a clear case of stereotyping.

He told the press last month, “Unfortunately, this country has a long history of characterizing Black men who are outspoken, who are steadfast and fighting back as threatening or intimidating.”

“So she doesn’t even use a dog whistle; She’s using a megaphone to point a target on my back at what she calls MAGA people out there who might be out to cause harm.”

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