Mark Levin screaming about Trump’s second indictment will live on in your nightmares


Fox News host Mark Levin on Thursday joined in the chorus of Republican outrage over Donald Trump’s second impeachment — only he did it WAY LOUDDER!!!!! (Check out the video below.)

In fact, there may not be enough exclamation marks to cover the diatribe Levin unleashed during his appearance on Hannity.

Levin reiterated the Republican line that it is the fault of President Joe Biden and Democrats in general that Trump has been accused of hiding top secret documents at home and defying requests to return those documents. Levin claims it’s all part of Biden’s plan to meddle in the 2024 presidential election and neutralize his Republican rival.

Donald Trump Jr. shared praise for Levin’s roaring journalism on Twitter.

But what really made Levin’s tirade stand out was the SHOUTING!!!

If you were anywhere in the western hemisphere on Thursday, chances are you heard Levin at least faintly in the wind. In case you haven’t, here are some of his statements.

In an indictment against Attorney General Merrick Garland and Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is leading the Trump investigation, Levin claimed, “You made the decision to interfere in this election!” Want to talk about a riot? The! Is! A rebellion! And that is exactly what is happening here!”

This from the man who recently insisted the Jan. 6 rioter who pushed a police officer and threatened to hang Nancy Pelosi “did nothing”.

There were other moments to scream about.

“It’s a briefcase! … Is that a bad joke about the American people?!” said Levin, the host of Life, Liberty & Levin.

He roared to the bitter end, “There is no law!” What is going on here is an abominable shame. It’s war against Trump. It’s war on the Republican Party…I’m done and fed up!”

You can hear more below, but we recommend keeping your finger on the volume slider.

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