Marlon Wayans is charged with disturbing the peace over baggage dispute

DENVER (AP) — Comedian and actor Marlon Wayans has been charged with disturbance of the peace after he had an argument with a United Airlines worker over carry-on luggage at Denver airport last week, police said Monday.

Wayans said on Instagram that a gate agent told him he had too many bags and although he consolidated his luggage, he was told to check his bag at the gate rather than carry it onward. Wayans, who said his treatment constituted harassment, said he took his ticket and went to the plane.

In response to questions about the incident, United issued a statement that did not mention Wayans by name.

“In Denver on Friday, a customer who had been told to check his bags at the gate pushed past a United employee at the jet bridge and attempted to board the plane. “The customer did not fly to his destination with United,” it said.

Wayans attends SiriusXM Studios on October 12, 2022 in New York City.
Wayans attends SiriusXM Studios on October 12, 2022 in New York City.

Santiago Felipe via Getty Images

Wayans said he booked an American Airlines flight to Kansas City instead and said he’d rather fly on another airline’s bus than United first class. He apologized to his fans in Kansas City for missing a performance.

“Sorry KC, I’m going to miss tonight’s shows because a United Gate agent probably hated white girls,” Wayans said on Twitter, referring to his 2004 film, which also starred his brother Shawn Wayans starred.

A spokesman for Wayans, Leslie Sloane, said Wayans had a backpack, a small carry-on and a garment bag with a suit jacket in it and put his backpack in the garment bag, but was told he still had to check his bag on a flight not full.

She said it’s important to Wayans that everyone feels safe and respected when flying, no matter what class they’re in.

“He didn’t feel any of it,” she said.

The subpoena issued to Wayans states that he must appear in court in Denver on July 11.

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