Martin Lewis’ 12-point plan to weather the cost-of-living crisis after bills warn of a hike

Martin Lewis has presented a survival guide after making a dire prediction that the cost of living crisis is just beginning – and urging Brits to brace themselves for even more energy price hikes

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Martin Lewis explains what the new energy price cap actually means

Martin Lewis is today offering his 12-point plan to weather the crippling cost-of-living crisis after sounding the alarm of yet more jaw-dropping bill hikes.

He urged the government to get to work Monday morning to tackle the problem, as he warned energy prices could skyrocket by a further 30% within five months.

After offering the bleak prospects that savings expert shared some of his key tactics to stay afloat as the situation for millions of families in need across the UK worsens.

Martin says things are at their worst right now since he started the job more than two decades ago.

He then grimly predicted that this was just the beginning – and more rising bills could come by October.

Martin Lewis has more desperate news for struggling Brits


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He says things are at their worst in 22 years as a money-saving expert



“We’re not in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, we’re at the beginning of a cost-of-living crisis,” he said.

“Things will almost certainly get worse – problems will peak in the winter months from October when we expect energy bills to rise another 30 per cent again.

“I don’t think there’s much hope of it ending before Christmas,” he said in an interview with The Mail on Sunday.

To combat the enormous energy price problems, Martin regularly packs his Money Saving Expert Website with reading tips.

Energy bills skyrocketed in April – and they will rise again in October, Martin warns



His plan of action will help millions and the survival guide has all sorts of helpful tips.

1 Do you choose between heating and eating? Talk to your community. Councils have just received a new £500million tranche of the Household Support Fund – to prioritize money to cover essential costs – you don’t have to take benefits.

2 Around 16 million people do not have a contract for their broadband and mobile network – and could easily halve their bills. Many have older contracts and are still paying the paltry full price. Yet two minutes with MSE’s comparison tools can often find deals that save more than £200 a year. Or are you entitled to a broadband social tariff? If you’re on a lower income – applying for Universal Credit for example – MSE has a list of social plans from £15 a month.

3 Family income under £30,000 (or in rare cases £50,000)? Take 10 minutes to see if you’re eligible for benefits. I’m not saying you’ll get it, just that at that income level it’s worth the time, especially if you have kids. Even if you are only eligible for a small amount, this can open the door to other supports such as: B. Tax breaks and reduced utility rates. Use our 10-minute benefit checker.

4 Whether you have a toddler or a large teen, childcare costs can be enormous. Yet hundreds of thousands of working parents are missing out on thousands of pounds of help. MSE has a childcare cost guide that covers the programs available.

5 Direct debits, standing orders and recurring payments let money flow out of your accounts without needing your approval. Your bank should be able to provide you with a list of the first two. Recurring payments are little known and hidden. This is where you give businesses permission to take a “payment” from your debit or credit card each month.

6 If you live alone, live with students, have a ‘severe intellectual disability’, have a live-in caregiver, receive a pension credit or have a low income, you may be eligible for a tax credit. They range from 25 percent to 100 percent, depending on the circumstances.

7 Get paid to recycle old clothes or cosmetic containers. Many high street shops offer incentives for recycling their old clothes and cosmetic bins – from £5 for old clothes to ‘free’ MAC lipsticks and more. Check out the website’s recycling rewards list.

8th Last year more than a million people in England would have been better off using an NHS prescription prepayment certificate, a type of season ticket. It’s a one-time fee that covers all prescriptions for a three-month or one-year period. If you use more than one a month, it’s worth it.

9 Watch the weather. Using your washing machine on a 30 degree cycle and drying your clothes outside instead of in a tumble dryer will save you around £28 a year on your energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

10 Check if you are in too high a council tax range. Because of the bizarre way real estate was valued when the council tax system was introduced in 1991, more than 400,000 homes are in the wrong range. Use Martin’s council tax exam and challenge on the MSE website.

11 Know the best times to get the biggest Yellow Badge discounts. Yellow badges are a bargain for bargain hunters. These are the items that are close to their sell-by date and that supermarkets are dropping in price. But the key is to be ready at the perfect time. MSE has gathered inside information from supermarket workers and shoppers about when stores may want to offload inventory.

12 Can’t afford to completely wipe out credit and debit cards every month? You can’t afford not to check if you can get a 0 percent balance transfer. With that, we’re not advising you to borrow through the crisis. But if you already have credit and debit card debt and are paying interest, it’s always worth checking out if you can save with a balance transfer card. These allow you to shift debt from old cards to a new one with 0 percent interest, so each repayment reduces your actual debt.

Visit the Money Saving Expert website here.

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