Marvel’s heroes are drawn into Fortnite’s biggest battle yet

A big part of Fortnite’s appeal is that it brings to life all of our childhood fantasies about heroes from different universes banding together to fight evil. The game now includes skins based on Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Tron, Naruto, Street Fighter and countless other iconic franchises. But sometimes those crossovers are more than skin deep, and that’s where Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comes in.

A sort of sequel to 2021’s Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, Zero War explores a major escalation in the never-ending conflict raging on Fortnite’s island. In this story, a fragment of the Zero Point lands in the Marvel Universe, forcing the heroes of Fortnite to join forces with the Avengers to prevent a cataclysm that could affect all worlds. It’s a conflict that fans will experience both in the game itself and on the pages of the comic.

The comic series reunites the writing team at Zero Point—Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard and prolific Marvel writer Christos Gage—with Sergio Davila (Wonder Woman) handling the art. Check out an exclusive preview of the first issue in the slideshow gallery below, then read on to hear more about this important crossover from Gage himself.

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1 Preview Gallery

From the DC Universe to the Marvel Universe

Zero War is probably the closest comic book fans will get to a true Marvel/DC crossover for the foreseeable future (unless you count the recent JLA/Avengers reboot). While no DC characters appear in this story, Fortnite’s island has now officially hosted heroes from both universes. Zero War’s conflict builds on the foundation of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point and the previous Thor-centric crossover Fortnite x Marvel, so it’s just as well that Mustard and Gage are working together again.

“It’s still a pleasure,” Gage said of this collaboration. “If anything, it’s more instinctive now that Donald and I are really familiar with each other’s creative processes, but that was true halfway through Batman/Fortnite… we clicked really quickly.” So from the standpoint of working with Donald, it felt like a live-to-sequel. We both love comics, we both love Fortnite lore, and we both want to deliver something great for fans of the comics and the game. Hopefully that showed last time and will show again this time.”

Art by Leinil Yu. (Image credit: Marvel)

Art by Leinil Yu. (Image credit: Marvel)

The biggest change between Zero Point and Zero War is that Gage and Mustard work alongside Davila, whose recent Marvel work includes Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade. While Davila’s style is somewhat similar to what we saw on Zero Point, Gage said he also brings some special skills to this story.

“The idea is to find the best artist for the story we want to tell and when [editor Alanna Smith] Sergio recommended, we saw what he did with his inventive layouts and crazy action scenes and we knew he was perfect,” Gage said of order, the poor guy had to draw armies, but he also had to draw some smaller, more character-focused ones make scenes work. And he did it brilliantly, as the images released so far show without a doubt. He’s definitely the hardest working guy on the team!”

We both love comics, we both love Fortnite lore, and we both want to deliver something great for fans of the comics and the game.

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first Marvel/Fortnite crossover comic, but it certainly has a much larger scope than 2020’s Fortnite x Marvel: Nexus War – Thor #1. While that comic was essentially a prologue story, which set up an in-game story event, Zero War is a five-issue series that tells a complete story for itself. However, Gage teases that there will be a lot of connective tissue between the comic and the game, especially when the Zero War event peaks later in 2022.

“There will be a couple of things that you will see both in the game and in the comic – mostly in our last issue,” Gage said. “But for the most part, what’s happening in the game and what’s happening in the comic are different fronts in the same war. Some questions players may have about the game are answered in the comic and vice versa, although neither is required to follow the story in the other.”

The heroes of Zero War

Another notable difference between the previous Thor connection and the Zero War miniseries is that the former stems from a very specific moment in Donny Cates’ ongoing Thor series, while Zero War takes a slightly more evergreen approach to the Marvel Universe . The costumes and team rosters reflect the current state of the Marvel U., but the storyline isn’t necessarily set for a specific point in time.

“We talked about people reading the story as a compilation in the future,” Gage noted. “So the emphasis wasn’t on ‘This moment takes place on page X of comic Y.’ Now we reflect the current status quo of the Marvel Universe. The Avengers lineup is what it currently is in the Avengers title. But someone picking up the collected issue in two or three years doesn’t need to know exactly what issue of Avengers came out that month and what happened in it.”

For Gage, one of the biggest challenges with Zero War was writing a comic that could be accessible to both Fortnite fans who don’t actively read Marvel’s comics and comic book fans who haven’t played the game. It’s a difficult balance given how steeped in Fortnite lore this new series is. In the end, Gage followed Smith’s editorial advice and used Wolverine and Spider-Man as focal points to provide key information for Fortnite newcomers in Issue #1.

Art by Ron Lim. (Image credit: Marvel)

Art by Ron Lim. (Image credit: Marvel)

“It was challenging because you have to keep in mind that this will be read by both Fortnite fans who aren’t immersed in Marvel lore and vice versa, but thankfully everyone on the creative team was aware and wanted to make it accessible . That’s why we got 30 pages for issue #1 (subsequent issues are the usual 20 pages…until our explosive 30-page finale!) Our editor, Alanna, had a brilliant suggestion after reading the first draft of the first issue’s script was to move Spidey finding Wolverine from the end of the issue to the beginning and then have Spidey narrate the whole issue as a sort of flashback while updating Wolvie. That was absolutely brilliant. For now, instead of showing you, let Spider-Man’s distinctive voice tell this wacky tale of converging realities and giant robots and endless battles where humans every now and then break out into a dance.

Gage added, “I’ve been writing my share of Spider-Man for the past 17 years…lots of comics and a PS4/5 video game you may have heard of…so his voice pretty naturally springs to mind.” Alanna’s approach was spot on. And that, folks, is just one aspect of what a good editor does.”

The comic will feature a sizable cast of Marvel heroes, but the story revolves around three specifically – Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Shuri. This cast of characters was not dictated by either Epic or Marvel, but rather by which ones best fit the story and which characters the creative team had the most affinity for.

“Donald loves Wolverine and especially his ‘Patch’ identity from the early days of his first solo series,” Gage said. “Every time we spoke on Zoom, I could see two pages of original artwork from that book framed on his wall behind him. So we decided to use this version of Wolverine. The idea is that when he wants a breather from all the stuff that’s going on in Krakoa, Logan goes to Madripoor for a cheap beer and a good brawl, and that’s where we find him. Donald was also keen to use Spidey, which is in Fortnite now, and I love some Spidey, so I think it was Alanna who suggested to Shuri after talking about Patch on the idea of ​​an Indiana Jones-style artifact quest in this case the Zero Shard, a crystallized piece of the Zero Point itself that broke off and was pulled back into the Marvel Universe when Galactus was expelled from Reality Zero in the previous Marvel/Fortnite crossover.”

Gage continued, “We were talking about cool Marvel locations and of course Wakanda approached us and we realized that Shuri was a natural. There was also discussion about which Fortnite characters would have good chemistry with the Marvel characters we were using. We also have a very well-known Fortnite character in Jones that we’ll learn some previously undisclosed things about, and a fairly recently introduced character in The Imagined. Conversely, some Marvel characters are making an appearance in Fortnite right now, like Moon Knight, the it’s not in the comic at all. It was all about history and what serves it.”

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1 arrives in comic stores and Marvel Unlimited on Wednesday, June 8th.

Epic added all sorts of interesting new characters to Fortnite in 2022. Nathan Drake from the Uncharted film and games was recently added alongside Marvel’s Moon Knight, Dwayne Johnson, Bruno Mars and Outfits from Cobra Kai. In addition to music from the festival itself, virtual participants from Coachella have also been added.

It all seems to be feeding into the Epic Games metaverse, with the collaboration with Coachella in particular feeding into the idea of ​​bringing “the real world” into a shared online space, especially as the event comes just days after the investment from Sony and LEGO’s parent company KIRKBI has announced $2 billion in publishing.

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