Mary Trump explains why Trump abandoned his New York fraud trial

Mary Trump suggested that the cause of Donald Trump’s behavior was embarrassment abrupt farewell from his civil fraud trial.

“He showed up in New York voluntarily because he knew how important this fraud trial was not only to his reputation but to the core of his own beliefs about who he is,” said the former president’s niece, a psychologist and author . said in her Substack newsletter on Thursday.

“He left because he knew that none of what he was doing – the sulking, the angry looks, the media hits – was working.”

“That and the humiliation of falling out of the Forbes 400 rankings were too much for him,” she added.

Forbes magazine announced Tuesday that Trump had fallen behind in its annual ranking of the country’s 400 richest people.

The blow came a day after Trump, the Republican Party’s front-runner for the presidential nomination, attended the first day of the trial in New York because of his business dealings.

Donald Trump speaks to the media on the third day of his civil fraud trial in New York.
Donald Trump speaks to the media on the third day of his civil fraud trial in New York.

KENA BETANCUR via Getty Images

Trump left midway through the third day of the trial on Wednesday, telling reporters he would rather campaign than “be stuck here.”

He was not obliged to be present at the hearing.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is demanding a $250 million fine and a ban on Trump doing business in the state.

Before the trial, the judge overseeing the case ruled that Trump defrauded financial institutions by exaggerating his assets to obtain better credit and insurance terms.

As punishment, the judge ordered the dissolution of some of his companies.

This clarified the crucial claim in the James case. The trial will determine whether Trump is liable for the other six claims in the lawsuit, as well as any penalties.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and called the case a “witch hunt.” He told reporters he showed up for three days to show “how corrupt it is.”

Several former Trump insiders have speculated that the case was particularly stressful for the ex-president because it affected both his wallet and his image as a businessman.

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