Maury Povich announces the creation of a home paternity testing kit


Former talk show host Maury Povich is gearing up for his next venture: home paternity test kits.

Povich, who retired from his talk show last year, said TMZ On Friday, he announced he was starting a DNA paternity testing company called “The Results Are In,” a nod to the phrase he would say to “Maury” before revealing paternity test results.

“I’ve been involved in paternity testing for more than 20 years so I know exactly what’s going on and how we can help the people who are looking for fathers, fathers who are looking for children, fathers who don’t believe they are the ones Dads and dads who think they’re the dads,” Povich told TMZ in a video interview. “And we can reunite families after a long time.”

Povich explained that his CEO approached him with the idea after he retired, adding that the kits would be sourced through the DNA Diagnostics Center – the same company that has been providing tests with “99.9% accuracy” for over two decades. ‘ performed on ‘Maury’.

The tests, he said, would be sent to the DDC lab and within two or three days people could get confidential results.

The DDC said in a blog post in 2011 that more than 3,000 tests had been conducted for the show since he began working with “Maury” in 1998. Povich’s Talk show ended last September, but will continue to air in syndication.

“I’ve seen firsthand how DNA testing can transform lives and bring families together,” Povich said in a statement to TMZ. “With The Results Are In, we’re making it easier and more affordable than ever for people to get the answers they need.”

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