Measures to accelerate climate protection: cook electrically, drive less and stick to the 1.5 degree target

Marie Donnelly, Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Council, is concerned about the slow pace of climate action after attending COP27.

He lists some actions that could be taken at home and around the world to speed up the pace.

Turn off the gas cooker

There is a lot of focus on converting from gas boilers and oil heating to electric heat pumps, but this is a major task that will take time.

Switching to electric stoves could be much quicker.

“We should move away from gas cooking and towards electric cooking sooner rather than later because gas cooking gives off emissions – and moisture -” said Ms Donnelly. “Actually, it’s not very healthy. It’s interchangeable. There is an alternative that everyone has access to. So maybe we could start with gas stoves and then think about gas boilers.”

Jump into the shallows

“Retrofitting is extremely important. But right now, shallow retrofitting is also important.

“If you haven’t installed the insulation in your attic yet, please go out and get the insulation.

“Check your doors and windows for drafts. Think about how you can save money.”

We really need to boost things like smart meters

Reduce your consumption

Using electricity more efficiently would help with emissions and costs. “At least we have a communication about ‘Reduce your consumption,’ but there’s a lot more we could do,” she said. “We really need to boost things like smart meters and the tariffs that come with them, so that people have choice and can use electricity at the cheapest time.”

Rely on renewables

“I’m 100 per cent a supporter of offshore wind, but we have onshore wind and we have onshore solar. Much more of both is needed now.”

Redistribute street space

“We need to shift demand in the transport sector. Even if every part of the country were electric, we cannot have 2.5 million cars on our roads.

“So number one, reallocation of street space. Giving people back the roads would be my message in the field of transport.”


Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion stage a piece of street theater on Water Day during COP27 to highlight the fact that Cape Town’s fossil fuel business as usual is leading to climate disasters such as sea level rise. Photo: Reuters/Esa Alexander

Stop funding fossil fuels

“If I had my way, the first, middle and last items on the agenda would be to end all funding for fossil fuel exploration. We have found enough. We don’t need more. My message to Irish banks is: “Be clear about what you are investing in and then get over it.”

Stay at 1.5°C

At COP27, countries are rumored to be backing away from pledges to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. “1.5 is a very difficult goal. But what’s the point of having a non-stretch target? That’s what we need to aim for. If we miss it a little, that’s okay. But if (we) weaken it at this stage, we will definitely miss it.”

remember the reason

“I was at an event for the Marshall Islands. 1.5 is extinction for them. 1.5 is a warm summer for us. We have to put it into perspective. Understand that it’s not just your own little speck.” Measures to accelerate climate protection: cook electrically, drive less and stick to the 1.5 degree target

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