Mehdi Hasan reveals Eric Trump’s ‘shameless’ behavior


MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan slammed Eric Trump last week for his “shameless” defense of his father Donald Trump.

After the former president faced federal indictments on electoral obstruction and conspiracy charges, Eric Trump compared the United States to “third world countries.”

“We’re literally trying to lock up political opponents,” Trump said on Fox News. “We’re better than that.”

Just one problem: Both Donald Trump and Eric Trump have repeatedly and explicitly threatened their own political opponents with jail for many years – and Hasan had the receipt.

“These people have no shame,” Hasan said while playing a clip of Eric Trump leading the “lock him up” and “lock her up” shouts in 2019.

“Words like hypocritical and shameless, Ayman, don’t do justice to what we’ve just seen,” he told fellow MSNBC fellow Ayman Mohyeldin. “And they’re either stupid enough or dishonest enough to just keep going — to just keep pretending it’s the Democrats who are targeting their political opponents with jail, not them.”

Then it got a little more personal.

“The funny thing is, I don’t think Donald Trump is going to give Eric any more love just because Eric is humiliating himself like that on behalf of his father,” he said.

Mohyeldin also addressed Donald Trump Jr.’s attempt to “gas us all on fire.”

Watch their full conversation below:

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