Michael Flynn is still in the war

Raiklin continued what Maddox described as “an extravagant, blatant explanation of how they would reverse Biden’s election,” involving a series of state audits. First Arizona, then Georgia, then Wisconsin and then other state legislatures will nullify the 2020 election results, he envisions, until the odds are Biden will be gone. Maddox told Raiklin that he was skeptical. “But he said he was sure it was going to happen,” Maddox told me. “And he kept referring to Mike Flynn as this spike and cog.”

“General Flynn is at the heart of all of this,” Raiklin similarly declared in New Hampshire when I spoke to him shortly after his talk. He declined to elaborate, so what that means, exactly, is difficult to say. In light of the right-wing 2020 election runaway feverish activity, it can be difficult to distinguish conspiracy from conspiracies – especially in Flynn’s statements. In an interview at the end of January With the right-wing conspiracy website Infowars, Flynn accused George Soros, Bill Gates and others of creating the coronavirus so they could “steal an election” and “rule the world”. In another interview, he brought up rumors that “they” might be “putting vaccines in salad dressings.”

But the Capitol riots demonstrated how quickly that conspiracy can be translated into action. The belief that the 2020 election was stolen still affects the Republican Party as much now as it did then: YouGov poll in December, 71% of all Republicans believe Biden was not legally elected. The myth of the stolen election has combined with a host of other right-wing preoccupations – coronavirus vaccines, critical race theory, border security – into a single crisis story, in where Flynn is both the purveyor and the protagonist: The sinister state intends to break America as it tries to break Flynn and the man he has the courage to serve, Donald Trump.

At ReAwaken At the America event in Phoenix, I visited the art hawker stall of a man named Michael Marrone. In addition to the usual hagiographic portraits of Trump in Revolutionary War garb, Marrone features several Flynn and other sacred figures in the early attempt to overturn the election, such as Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. One shows the general sitting next to Powell, both dressed in colonial garb, signing the Declaration of Independence. In another scene, Flynn stands on his jaws and eagle eyes, holding a musket. The third season, which features him by Trump’s side on the battlefield, is signed by Flynn, alongside the tagline QAnon WWG1WGA (“where we come one, we go all”).

In real life, this band’s relationship has begun to crack. Wood and Flynn endorse different Republican candidates for governor of Georgia, a state that has become central to right-wing efforts to overturn the 2020 results and assert partisan control. for future elections. Their estrangement deepened and eventually became public when Wood posted text messages and excerpts of phone conversations on the social media app Telegram. In one of them, Flynn expressed his belief that Trump had “abandoned” America.

When I spoke to Wood in December, he told me that he had started re-evaluating the champion. Flynn’s conspiracy partner for a long time, he’s recently begun to wonder if Flynn himself might not be what he imagined. He told me about attending a Cyclists for Trump rally in South Carolina last May, where Flynn led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, only to be silent for a moment during throughout the line “and to the Republic on which it stands.” At the time, “I was trying to protect him,” Wood said. “Now I don’t know. Who forgot the Oath of Allegiance? Draw your own conclusions. It’s troublesome. ”

It dawned on me that this, one way or another, was probably Flynn’s life for the foreseeable future: The prospect of an ordinary retirement long gone, he now belonged to a world of stories. MAGA consists of heroes and villains and nothing in between. That world “is filled with strong personalities, which is what complicates any movement,” said J.D. Rucker, a conservative podcaster who knows and admires Flynn. “When you fight for a cause, you also fight for attention in that cause. The left is less affected by this – whether because they are more collectivist or because they are not capitalist, I don’t know.” Michael Flynn is still in the war

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