Michael Mosley’s silliest claims – from banning fruit to an ‘alarming’ diet

Dr. Michael Mosley has made many popular and controversial dietary recommendations over the years.

The weight loss expert is the inventor of the Fast 800 and 5:2 diets, both of which switch between periods of eating a normal amount and then fasting.

His top four tips for helping with fat loss include cutting back on sugar, intermittent fasting, intense exercise, and limiting carbs.

He’s very devoted to science, once willingly infecting himself with tapeworms from an infected cow in Kenya for eight weeks, even keeping his stool samples in the freezer so the biome could be monitored. his intestines.

And the doctor will be back on our screens tonight on channel 4 documentary Michael Mosley: Who made Britain fat? – where he’ll explore the limitations of sugar taxes, the dark side of lobbying, and the power of fast food advertising.

While many of Dr. Mosley’s ideas have won a lot of fans, he has also been criticized for some of his more extreme dietary suggestions – such as banning fruit in particular and restricting food intake. 800 calories a day.

Back in August 2020, Michael burned out on How To Lose a Stone in 21 Days, where participants were limited to 800 calories per day.

Dr. Michael Mosley is the creator of The Fast 800 . intermittent fasting plan


Jennifer Delaney)

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He was forced to defend the diet during an appearance on This Morning, claiming that participants had significantly improved their metabolic health, which in turn helped their mood and sleep patterns. .

But the presenter of This Morning, Eamonn Holmes, wondered how anyone could be happy when eating so little.

Defending the extreme diet, Michael explains: “It’s pretty tough to start with but what most people report is that within three or four days, their belly will shrink and go into burn mode. fat.

“Because of the fact that you have a huge amount of energy stored in your body in the form of fat that you never dip into, like money in the bank. You only go there when you don’t have money in your pocket. .

“Initial [your body] tells you you need to eat, and then when it realizes you’re not going to get those delicious donuts, it actually starts burning fat and you go into a phase called ketosis, and that has to do with improved mood. “

Along with receiving intense criticism from some home audiences, eating disorder charity Beat revealed that calls to its helpline have increased by a staggering 50% in the past year. while the show was on air for the first week.

Before the show aired, Beat said it had written to Channel 4 to voice its concerns and provide instructions on how to “deactivate”.

Michael with How To Lose A Stone participants in 21 days


Channel number 4)

Channel 4 has provided support on their website, warning the fast weight loss diet is not for anyone who is underweight or has an eating disorder, along with details on organizations that help .

Dr Mosley’s diet plan was arrested for its “alarming” focus on weight, BMI and measurements, and encouraged activities such as destroying food to avoid eating it or sticking to eating a certain amount of food. limited number of calories.

Beat’s Service Director, Caroline Price, said: “It’s disheartening to see a national program promoting extreme weight loss and dieting.”

“The promise inherent in the title is likely to appeal to those suffering from or prone to eating disorders and risks encouraging those affected to try the methods shown despite the damage this may do. can cause.”

Dr Mosley took to Twitter to defend the programme, saying the diet was only suitable for “people with central obesity”, not anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

He also emphasized that the 800 overweight or obese participants saw a significant improvement in their health.

In response to criticism of being “inconsiderate”, Dr Mosley tweeted: “Channel 4 spoke to @beat long before the show went down and provided links on the support page before the first episode. More than 800 overweight or obese people participated in randomized clinical trials of the 800-calorie method with significant improvements in health. ”

Michael Mosley’s 800-calorie diet program has faced backlash over body transformation


Channel number 4)

Channel 4 also came out in defense of their program, saying some health checks were done in advance and welfare was paramount.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: “All episodes clearly state that a short-term 800-1,000 calorie diet is only suitable for people whose BMI classifies them as overweight or obese, and It should be taken with proper medical supervision.

“The health and well-being of each contributor is paramount to both Channel 4 and production.

“Several health checks were done to contributors before they embarked on the scheme and support is still ongoing.”

Exactly the same debate started again last February when Dr Mosley returned to This Morning to suggest eating just 800 calories a day with a diet of eggs, low calorie soups and ‘some’. fish.

When asked if snacking is allowed, he added: “You can obviously drink a lot as long as it’s calorie-free. So drink plenty of water and tea.”

Elsewhere, Michael has recommended banning a particularly surprising fruit from your diet.

The doctor explains that a surprising food should be cut from your diet if you want to lose belly fat.

Dr. Michael Mosley recommends eating more ketogenic protein


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He says insulin is produced after meals to keep blood sugar stable, but as we age, the insulin receptors on the cell walls become less sensitive.

“As a result, even after a meal, our blood is still full of glucose and fatty acids. This is a toxic beer that causes a host of bad outcomes, including rapidly increasing belly fat,” he said. tell The show .

“To make a serious impact on your belly fat, cutting back on sugar spikes is key. A surprising number of ‘diet’ snacks and drinks are high in sugar and sold on the internet. marketed as diet foods because they are low in fat.”

Things like fruit juices and smoothies, as well as fruits like mangoes, can all cause sugar spikes because they contain too much.

Mangoes are quite high in natural sugars, with one medium-sized fruit containing 45 grams of sugar.

In a conversation with sbs.com, the dietitian said: “Fruit is great if you’re healthy but if you need to lose weight, then switching to lower-sugar fruits like apples and berries can be a good thing. wise.

“If you’re young and slim so you can escape [eating sugary fruits] you can’t be special [consume lots of mangoes or bananas] If you are looking to lose weight. “

* Michael Mosley: Who made Britain fat? airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

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