Mick Wallace accuses Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael of ‘encouraging and loving’ the war in Ukraine

Mick Wallace MEP has launched a scathing attack on Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, accusing them of “loving” and “encouraging” the war in Ukraine.

r Wallace said two of Ireland’s ruling parties supported the “US-NATO proxy war” in Ukraine and even accused them of “loving and promoting” it. He also said that many “among Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil” lost the plot.

Mr Wallace said the EU had made no effort to end the war and said two Irish parties “love” the conflict was ongoing.

“Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael promoted this war and love this war. They support a proxy war between the US and NATO. This war is being waged on behalf of NATO.

“This war is a disaster for the people of Ukraine and will raise the cost of living for everyone across Europe. And we are doing this on behalf of the US and NATO? Americans are making fools of us,” Mr Wallace said on South East Radio this morning.

The Wexford MP also accused the EU of being “a puppet of the Americans and so goddamn weak and leaderless”. He said the claims that he was pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian were “rubbish”.

“I’m not for anyone. I don’t like government. There isn’t a single government in the world today that I like,” Wallace said, adding that the policy was a “huge disappointment” for him.

The MEP said that “he never said a good word about Putin” and branded him a “right-wing neoliberal nationalist”.

“To tell the truth, he stole the election last year from the communists, which I would have liked to see win,” he said.

Mr Wallace said EU states that do not “want to take sides in the war” are being urged to do so by recent European Parliament resolutions, and said the EU was “afraid the war is ending”.

“It is said that the hesitation of those who support Ukraine will only prolong the war. Hesitate? This is crazy stuff. These guys are losing the plot. To say that we should support Ukraine unconditionally. I mean, you shouldn’t support anyone unconditionally. That means no matter what Ukraine does – even if it kills its own people – we have to support them, that’s nonsense for sure.

“These people are afraid that the war is ending, they want the war to continue. Deploying Leopold tanks there is guaranteed to keep the war going.

Mr Wallace also dismissed calls for an embargo on purchases of Russian goods, metals and fossil fuels, saying that when “US-NATO bombings” were taking place in Afghanistan, no one called for an embargo on US goods.

“Did anyone call for a ban on American goods or a ban on American athletes at the time?

“They will raise the cost of living for everyone in Europe [through goods and metals embargo on Russia]and for what,” said Mr. Wallace.

MEPs Wallace and Clare Daly tabled an amendment to a recent European Parliament resolution condemning Russia, with a large majority voting against.

“The amendment called for exploring all potential avenues to peace and continuing efforts to bring about an immediate end to the war. 436, the vast majority of MPs, voted against. The vast majority would rather fight for peace,” Wallace said.

The Wexford MP also claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “also threatened nuclear strikes”. Zelensky’s office clarified the president’s statements that by calling for “pre-emptive strikes” against Russia, he meant sanctions before the war began to prevent Russia from ever using nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

“Why isn’t the EU making an effort for peace? There is atrocity on both sides and we don’t know exactly what is happening, but we have Irish and European media that accept the Ukrainian side of the story – both sides tell lies in the war

“We have condemned and still condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine many times. When Russia invaded Ukraine, we made it clear that this was a violation of the UN Charter, which we totally disagree with, and that it is illegal.

“We voted against the resolution because it contains a whole lot of things we disagreed with, for example it calls on all member states to massively increase their military aid – we don’t think more arms will be pumped into Ukraine a good idea. We believe more Ukrainians will die and it will have a terrible impact on a great many people,” Mr Wallace said.

https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/mick-wallace-accuses-fianna-fail-and-fine-gael-of-promoting-and-loving-the-war-in-ukraine-42048031.html Mick Wallace accuses Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael of ‘encouraging and loving’ the war in Ukraine

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