Missed the Paris Blockchain Week Summit? Here are 5 key takeaways from the event

The city of Paris — the capital of France, known for its romantic affinity, historic architecture, and discerning palate for culinary delights — hosted the two-day Paris Blockchain Week Summit this week. The event was attended by the industry’s leading figureheads and over 3,000 crypto enthusiasts.

The newly remodeled conference center took place in the Palais Brongniart, the former headquarters of the Paris Stock Exchange and once synonymous with the exchange of wheat grains Rumi Morales of the Digital Currency Group, among many others.

If you missed the action, here’s a literary highlight reel covering all the key moments from the summit. And you might see some familiar faces from Cointelegraph along the way!

Binance invests 100 million euros in the French crypto ecosystem

In the opening speech on stage, Binance CEO CZ spoke about a “major shift in attitude” from policymakers and lawmakers over the past 12 months, before noting that France was “uniquely positioned” in terms of regulation, talent, expertise and potential have become a leading crypto hub in Europe.

CZ also announced Binance’s recent decision to invest €100 million in French startup companies in the Web3 space, in partnership with incubator Station F.

“I think France has one of the most progressive and open-minded governments that could help develop pro-crypto regulations.”

CZ then sat down with Cointelegraph’s Joseph Hall to share his views on regulation and business operations, as well as his expectations for the rest of 2022.

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Tether’s Chief Technology Officer Reveals Adoption Plans for Pro-Crypto City of Lugano

Back in March, the southern Swiss city of Lugano announced that it would be de facto introducing Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) as legal tender in a partnership with Tether. Since then, it has garnered widespread interest in the crypto community due to its progressive policies.

Ardoino, Tether’s Chief Technology Officer, shared some statistical insights in an interview with Cointelegraph, stating, “We were able to start onboarding 25-30 different companies and startups, […] which together with the company assets and private assets have a value of 300 to 400 million Swiss francs.”

Alongside this, Ardoino noted Tether’s intention to develop educational programs for university students in the region and fund their tuition.

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Bybit’s Lawrence Tan analyzes the mechanism of the Ronin Bridge hack

Lawrence Tan, Bybit’s Spot Business Development Director, shared his take on the security landscape of decentralized finance onstage during the DeFi Security: the Risks Behind the Yield and Mitigation session. He explained that four major vulnerabilities are responsible for most security breaches in this space: compromise of administrator keys, programming errors, rug pulls, and flash loan attacks.

Citing the historical Ronin Bridge hack as a prime example, after a year of numerous exploits and hacks, Tan advocated more resources for space education safety.

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Ripple CEO is optimistic about the future of the SEC case

In a fireside chat on cryptocurrency regulations, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his optimism regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ongoing case of conducting an unregistered securities sale through the sale of XRP, stating, “The lawsuit has gone exceptionally well and much better than I could have hoped for when it started about 15 months ago.”

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Blockchain.com’s Nicolas Cary looks back on a decade in crypto

Blockchain.com Co-Founder Nicolas Cary and Cointelegraph Editor-in-Chief Kristina Cornèr reviewed the evolution of the crypto industry after 10 years in business, with Blockchain.com launching in 2011 and Cointelegraph set to hit the milestone next year.

During the conversation, the two also discussed the nature of anonymity in space and the vision for democratization that blockchain instills, with Cary stating, “We are building fabrics of the internet that would allow anyone to act, regardless of their circumstances, exchange, save, earn rewards for different types of digital wealth.”

And finally, a final goodbye from us. See you next year!

Pictured left to right: Alex Cohen, Editor-in-Chief; Jackson DuMont, head of video department; Kristina Cornèr, Editor-in-Chief; Anna Shakola, NFT Project Manager; Joseph Hall, European news reporter; and Max Kuivenhoven, Community Manager.