Mom furious when teacher makes six-year-old eat lunch alone because of ‘smelly food’

One mother wanted to know if she was being unreasonable by reporting her child’s teacher for saying her daughter’s food was too “smelly” to sit and eat with other children

girl eats alone
The little girl was forced to eat alone

At school, you could imagine your kids taking any of their favorite dishes to enjoy in their packed lunch, right?

Well, that doesn’t always seem to go over so well.

A mother took to reddit, really upset to find out that her six-year-old daughter had been separated from her classmates at school over lunch.

She claims she was forced to sit alone in a completely separate room for eating “smelly food”.

The mum said she was disgusted by the teacher’s behavior and told how she reported her to the principal – but. She wasn’t sure if that was the right move, so she asked for advice.

She wrote: “My daughter is six but was away until a few months ago so she hasn’t been in school very long physically. She recently told me she didn’t want her packed lunches anymore and wanted to eat what the other kids were eating.

“She didn’t want to eat what her favorite foods were and chose to ask more for pizza. I asked her why she didn’t want to eat her favorite foods anymore and she said she wanted to be able to sit with the other students.

The mother knew something was wrong when her daughter asked for different food


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“I was shocked because I didn’t know she wasn’t sitting with the other students and she told me it was because her teacher left her alone in the other room during lunchtime because she brought ‘smelly food’ with her.

“To be blunt, growing up I was also attacked by teachers who wouldn’t let me bring shrimp or anything with garlic or onions because they hated the smell. So I try not to pack anything that might cause them to target my kid, like spam sushi or fried egg rice.

“I was really upset because she’s half Chinese but looks clearly Asian, and I felt like my childhood trauma happened to her.

“I called her class teacher to meet and the teacher said they didn’t put her in the other room to eat, but my daughter said to ask her best friend, who confirmed to me that she had.

“Another teacher confirmed that she had seen her eating alone and her class teacher shared stories she had but that was because my daughter brought a persimmon to school and the other kids were distracted thinking she would eat a tomato, and she didn’t want her to distract the other students with “foreign” food.

“She refused to believe it was inappropriate and said she didn’t see anything wrong in sending her out to dinner alone. I had to go to the principal and move my daughter to another classroom to finish the school year because this teacher said it only happened once, even though my daughter swore up and down for weeks that it happened every few days before she told me.”

Over 900 people flocked to insist that the mother was not wrong in taking the situation further.

One said: “This is extremely inappropriate of the teacher and racist in my opinion. I have worked with children before and at this age I see the only reason to separate a child for meals if they have had a food that posed an allergy hazard to other children or vice versa… maybe?

“But that would definitely be discussed with the parents within 24 hours so it doesn’t have to happen a second time.”

Another raged: “Any teacher who leaves a young child alone during lunch is an asshole. what the hell.”

Some pointed out that the teacher should not discriminate against children over things like food choices.

Another user wrote: “The teacher shouldn’t even teach if he discriminates and punishes a child just because he doesn’t have ‘Western’ food. This will traumatize the child and make them feel ashamed of their own ethnicity.”

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