Mom heals her arachnophobia during lockdown and now lives with 22 tarantulas

Although Lynn-Ann Price was once terrified of the eight-legged creatures, she now spends her time caring for her pet tarantulas after watching educational videos online

Lyn-Ann Price of Pontardawe. The 47-year-old was an arachnophobia who was diagnosed with bipolar but now lives with over 22 spiders, which has benefited her mental health
Lyn-Ann Price now lives with over 22 Spiders, which has helped her mental health

An arachnophobe cured her fear of spiders during lockdown and has now adopted 22 tarantulas.

Lynn-Anne Price, 47, of Pontardawe in Wales, grew up petrified by the eight-legged creatures and said just looking at arachnids made her physically sick.

But during lockdown, she overcame her fear and educated herself through online videos.

The new spider enthusiast now has 22 tarantulas and says caring for them has helped improve their sanity.

As a child, Lyn and her family lived in fear of spiders, her brother and mother also suffered from spider phobia.

A Tarantula by Lyn-Ann Price


Lyn Ann Price)

Her 12-year-old daughter Amber was also afraid of spiders.

Determined to break the cycle, Lyn decided to learn more about her anxiety and has been spending her lockdown time at home watching videos online. She was slowly falling in love with the vibrant colors associated with tarantulas.

She said: “When that happened and we were spending so much time at home, I noticed that my daughter was also showing signs of arachnophobia.

“I didn’t want her to live in constant fear like I did growing up – you can’t shy away from them as they are so commonplace and part of everyday life.

“I figured the more I knew about them the less afraid I would be of them so I decided to start watching Youtube videos and it just grew from there. Now I have 22 tarantulas of different shapes and sizes and I absolutely adore them.”

Lyn-Ann says her 12-year-old daughter, Amber, is now a spider enthusiast too


Lyn Ann Price)

Diagnosed as bipolar in 2010 after her father’s death, Lyn notes that caring for her growing family of tarantulas has helped her mental health significantly, turning both her and Amber – who currently has her own two pets – into spider enthusiasts.

Lyn isn’t the only person noticing the mental health benefits of a fascination with eight-legged creatures, and others have as well enthusiasts also see something similar according to own diagnoses.

One of the 22 mother tarantulas


Lyn Ann Price)

“The spiders have helped put my mind at ease, I find the whole process of caring for them relaxing and the confidence I have after overcoming my fears has really helped me to realize that I can do things of that I originally thought would never be possible,” said Lyn.

“It’s no different than a goldfish,” she added, saying the pets are low-maintenance compared to her charming little pug, who’s extra interested when it comes to feeding as he tries to pinch the grasshoppers and bugs that fed to the spiders.

The family have now become true spider lovers and want to raise awareness that the creatures are often demonized in society and overlooked in comparison to other animals threatened by deforestation.

Lyn-Ann says the pets helped her “realise that I can do things I originally thought I never could.”


Lyn Ann Price)

“I think tarantulas and spiders are very misunderstood overall, I grew up in the 80’s and they’re used in horror movies and negatively in children’s programs as this evil thing and that they’re big and black.

“They have so much more to offer, there are colors you never imagined would be associated with – they are beautiful creatures and it never occurred to me how many different species there are.

She wants to raise awareness that tarantulas, while often demonized, are threatened by deforestation


Lyn Ann Price)

“When you think about conservation and conservation, people go to cute animals like pandas or dolphins, but tarantulas are beautiful in their own right.

“We also want to make people aware that if you move this Daddy Long Legs (another long-legged creature that many people fear) outside — you’re effectively killing him.”

The family wants to encourage people to face their fears instead of shying away from them, and to highlight the positive effects tarantulas have on them.

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