Mom hit out for adopting her daughter’s dog for cheating on the exam

The woman gave her daughter’s dog a new home because she copied an older student’s essay and submitted it as her own – trying to teach her daughter that her actions have consequences

The woman gave her her daughter's dog to the boy next door
The woman gave her her daughter’s dog to the boy next door

A mother was slammed for giving her daughter’s dog a new home for cheating on an exam and lying to her about it.

The anonymous woman explained that her daughter doesn’t have to repeat exams in order to pass them – at least she thought so.

Speaking to Reddit, she said, “My daughter has always been this smart kid who just relies on it to get from class to class.

“She never does her homework, never pays attention in class, and studies on the morning of a test.

“Wonderfully, she still gets good enough grades in every subject except history.”

Wanting to improve her daughter’s history grade, she told her she would give her dog a new home when she got under 55th grade.

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She copied another student’s essay and submitted it as her own


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“A few months ago she had an essay coming up and I spoke to her and said that she should do much better than she did on her last history test (37 percent),” she added.

“She blew my mind, so I told her that if she didn’t get at least 55 percent, I’d give her dog to the boy next door.

“Even so, she didn’t take me seriously, but agreed that she even gets an 80.

“We laughed about it and when the results came back she got 78 percent. We took her to a celebratory lunch with her father.”

But it wasn’t until she cleaned her daughter’s room that she discovered the truth about her high grade.

She said: “Today I was cleaning her room and I found this box full of old papers and tests from the previous year.

“After looking through a few, I saw an essay that looked familiar. I read it and felt something was wrong so I took it and asked my daughter if I could read hers again.

“They were almost identical. When I confronted her about it, she lied and said it was her first draft.

“She ended up saying it was Debbies, an older friend of hers, who wrote it for the same assignment a few years ago.

“I was mad and yelled at her before she went to her room.

“She has no regrets and doesn’t feel bad about it, so I took her dog and went next door to give it to our neighbors.

“Since then she has been crying and her father has been calling me an asshole, but I feel like she needs to understand that every action has consequences.”

While most users agreed that the woman was wrong in adopting her daughter’s dog, others criticized her “poor upbringing”.

One user said: “Family pets must not be used as bargaining chips in a distorted punishment or reward system.

“They are creatures who need security, attention and affection.

“You should probably work on the whole parenting thing.

“What is the reason for your daughter’s academic performance? What you are describing is generally a situation where she may have some form of ADD or ADHD.

“It has nothing to do with laziness or lack of effort. Depending on the severity, if she has ADD it can be almost impossible for her to remember or process information that she is not interested in.”

Another user added: “Not only will she remember this, she will be reminded regularly to see the dog at the neighbors.

“It also puts the dog at risk. Dogs can sniff their way home, but they don’t understand that you gave them away. I hope he doesn’t try to run home every day and end up getting hit by a car.

Also, it becomes difficult to disappoint the neighbor when you try to get the dog back. I hope you told the neighbor this was an overnight situation and not permanent.

A third user said: “Yes, there are consequences for your actions. Giving up their dog is not one of those consequences.”

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