Mom in moldy horror house slips on wet floor and gets electrocuted

Laurie Mcfarlane, from Silverdale, said her carpets were soaked with water which caused her to slip and even be electrocuted in her damp, infested home

Laurie wants a permanent solution, not temporary fixes
Laurie wants a permanent solution for her children, not temporary fixes

A distraught mother says her home is so damp and moldy that she recently slipped and was electrocuted.

Laurie Mcfarlane, 32, has been plagued by dampness and mold, with water seeping through her lower floors in Silverdale, Lancashire.

The mother-of-five said the situation was so dire that she recently slipped on her sodden kitchen floor after being electrocuted a few weeks earlier.

She had to change her living room carpet four times in just six years because of black mold.

There is also a leak in her upstairs bathroom and under her kitchen sink, destroying her recent water damaged carpet.

Laurie said she’s complained about the condition of her home since moving into Aspire Housing, but despite efforts to fix it, nothing has worked.

Now the housing association has offered to move her and her five children – aged 12, seven, six, four and one – to temporary accommodation.

But Laurie wants them to either fix the problems or put them somewhere permanent, she reports Birmingham Live.

Laurie Mcfarlane said her Silverdale home had been plagued by damp for six years



She said: “I moved here in May 2016 but the whole property kept flooding and the water was coming through my floors.

“It’s getting worse and my house is damp all over, the mold is terrible and it smells musty.

“The carpets are constantly wet, so you have to step through muddy water.”

Over the years, Laurie has messed up three rugs in her living room and on her staircase, while the upstairs rugs also need replacing.

She said: “I had to use my 140lb rug from the living room to stop the water coming through the floor. I have Universal Credit and I can’t keep paying for new carpets.

“A few weeks ago I slipped on the water coming through the floor in my kitchen and crushed my whole knee. I still have a knot now.

“I also have a leak from my upstairs bathroom and the water is coming through the light in my kitchen.

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“I was electrocuted about three weeks ago, it shot in my arm and there was smoke.”

The mother said despite being electrocuted and living with five children, no one has come to check her electrical system.

She also complained of a leak in her kitchen sink, peeling wallpaper and severe humidity.

“I complained to Aspire and last year they did a condensation survey and found there was 68 to 69 percent moisture,” she continued.

“I’ve had dehumidification systems and extractor hoods installed and a mold wash done at my own expense, but it still hasn’t changed.

“They came and did the survey again 12 months later and the humidity was between 45 and 49 percent, which is still considered average to high.

“I’m expected to keep footing the bill for these things and I’ve had enough. No matter how much money I spend, you can’t fix it.

“It’s gotten to the point now where Aspire has said they need me to move but they don’t have a four bedroom property available. It’s an absolute shame.”

Laurie said her son was treated with antibiotics this week for a chest and ear infection and her other children are coughing constantly. Now Laurie says she will consider pursuing legal proceedings if nothing is done.

She added: “I need to be in a house that’s really livable. No matter how high I turn my heating, I can never get the house warm because the walls are all damp and the floors are all damp.

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“I know it’s not safe for us to be here and inhale mold spores. Why should I and my children be exposed to this?

“The people who work for Aspire can go home to their dry houses. I will deal with court cases because I am stuck with them.”

Director of Communities at Aspire Housing, Alun Bragg, said the association has been in close contact with Laurie to resolve the repair issues they identified and her request to consider moving to another home.

He added: “We have carried out a detailed survey of the house and have since made a number of repairs with some more work still to be done.

“This will take place at the earliest opportunity and may result in Ms McFarlane moving to temporary accommodation to allow for safe working.

“We have also received a request for a permanent move to another home and are currently exploring this option with Ms McFarlane and her family.

“We understand the frustration and stress she is experiencing and will continue to work closely with her to resolve any issues raised.”

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