Mom is now paralyzed after ‘playing dead’ to save her kids from evil ex who stabbed her


A brave mother claims she had to “play dead” to save her children when her ex brutally stabbed her eight times, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down – all because he “didn’t want her to be with anyone.” other is together”.

Brittany Morris was in an on-and-off relationship with boyfriend Rondell Raman Malveaux for three years after becoming pregnant with twins during their first intimacy.

After three turbulent years, the 31-year-old told him the relationship was over but that Malveaux showed up at her home in the middle of the night and stabbed her eight times with a kitchen knife.

The attack, which took place in August 2019, left the mother paralyzed from the chest down and feared she would die in front of her terrified toddlers.

She says she pretended to be dead so he would leave without harming them.

But miraculously she survived and is now struggling to regain her independence by acquiring an adapted vehicle and driver’s license to transport herself and her two young sons.

Malveaux was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but Brittany still fears he could be paroled much sooner – making her concerned for her safety.

Brittany Morris with her ex Rondell Raman Malveaux


Kennedy News and Media)

Brittany, from Beaumont, Texas, said: “I saw his shadow trying to knife into my bedroom window.

“He kicked the front door wide open. I took him outside and sat in the chair on the porch and he just yelled at me.

“He said, ‘So you’re done with me, is that it?’ and I said yes and then he just started stabbing right down my neck up to the spine and so I was paralyzed right away.

“I was awake the whole time, so I remember everything.”

She added: “I never considered running away – I had my kids there and I didn’t want him to do anything to them to try and hurt me. My sister and nephew were there too.

“I used the last of my energy to lunge forward at him and that made him run away.

“I was just praying that God wouldn’t put me in front of my kids because my kids were right in the door when he ran away and they saw him.

“I was thinking about where my kids were going and just thought, I have to stay here, I have to be here to take care of them.”

After Brittany stabbed her four times in the neck as well as her back, waist, side and face, Malveaux said she ran away and took all the phones out of the house to prevent her from calling the police.

The mother says she was forced to play dead when he returned minutes later and demanded her sister’s car keys so he could flee faster.

Brittany’s sister was forced to knock on neighbors’ doors until someone answered and called an ambulance, which took her to Christ St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont, Texas.

After an alleged accident involving Brittany’s car, Rondell was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in the family violence category.

“As he ran away, my sister came outside and my sons came to the door,” Brittany said.

“One of them said ‘Mom, this is Dad’ and I said ‘I know, go in’ and told my sister to close the door – I don’t even know where I got the energy to speak.

“My sister tried to help me up, but I couldn’t move. My left arm fell in front of me and I had no control over it.

“I told my sister to throw the knife away if he came back – and he ended up coming back for the keys to my car.

“I had to play dead for a few minutes while my sister gave him the keys so he could leave.

“He took our phones so my sister had to knock on everyone’s door until someone could call an ambulance for us – I don’t know how long I waited for help.”

Brittany Morris claims she had to ‘play dead’ to save her children


Kennedy News and Media)

Brittany Morris was paralyzed from the chest down


Kennedy News and Media)

Brittany says she and Malveaux were childhood friends who grew up in the same area and went to school together before her family moved to Los Angeles, California.

And after moving to Arkansas in late 2015, she said the couple reconnected online and started talking before visiting him in her hometown in Texas, where they became intimate and she conceived her twins.

The pair then went through an “on and off” relationship for three years, from 2016 until Brittany called it quits for good in August 2019.

Brittany said: “The relationship was on and off. I tried to keep my family together. The last words I said to him were ‘I’m done fighting for the family now’.

“When I said it was over and I was done with him, he came to find me and tried to kill me because he didn’t want me to be with anyone else.”

The violent attack left the mother-of-two paralyzed from the chest down and in intensive care for a month, followed by another four months as an inpatient in the hospital.

The last four months were spent on respiratory therapy to recover from three months of ventilation and physical therapy.

Brittany suffered an incomplete spinal injury, meaning the spinal cord was damaged but not severed, meaning the nerves could be repaired and she was able to move again.

Brittany Morris, of Beaumont, Texas, was paralyzed from the chest down after her ex stabbed her eight times


Kennedy News and Media)

Brittany underwent physical therapy after the attack


Kennedy News and Media)

In March 2021, she underwent surgery at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center to attach a baclofen pump — a means of administering a muscle relaxant to treat the spasticity caused by her spinal injury.

After further physical therapy, Brittany has so far regained movement and strength in her arms, but the very limited movement in her legs forces her to use a wheelchair.

Brittany said: “When I got to the hospital I couldn’t speak and they had to put me on a ventilator.

“When I came into therapy my spasticity was so bad they couldn’t really do anything for me, so I had to get the baclofen right away.

“I was just starting to think about what I need to do to gain my independence and I wanted to develop myself mentally.

“I’m still trying to rehabilitate myself further. I have a little movement in my legs but I need to do a lot more therapy.”

Malveaux was convicted of aggravated assault by Jefferson County Court in Beaumont, Texas in March 2020 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The mother says he will have the possibility of parole after 10 years, leaving her concerned for her safety and that of her children and means she believes she will be forced to move out of the area.

She is now striving to move forward in life and find work after graduating with a degree in Occupational Safety in May this year.

She also recently passed her first driving test in a converted vehicle with handles for the accelerator and brake pedals and is working on getting her driver’s license.

A charity that specializes in helping crime victims has offered to cover the cost of customizing a van so Brittany can use her wheelchair to drive up a ramp and straight into the driver’s seat.

The mother is now raising the $18,000 cost of a used van to help move the charity forward and meet her goal of independence.

Brittany said: “For years I have taken my wheelchair everywhere – to school, to the shops, to take my kids to the park.

“Not much is possible without means of transport, because you have to rely on people. I have to drive again.

“I could find work and do more therapy because I could transport myself.

“I wouldn’t depend on people driving my kids to school or doing things for me either.”

To support Brittany’s fundraiser, press here.

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