Mom ‘raped several times in sleep by husband’ baffled when no charges were brought against him

The 38-year-old woman, whose identity has not been released, says she was physically, verbally, sexually and emotionally abused during her four-year relationship with the man

The woman has made allegations against her ex-husband

A mother claims her ex-husband repeatedly raped her in her sleep but says police have not charged him.

The woman, whose identity is unknown, claims she was physically, verbally, sexually and emotionally abused during the relationship.

That Manchester evening news has seen a non-harassment injunction against her now-ex-husband in Manchester Family Court and the statement in which she lists the catalog of abuse.

Alison, not her real name, claims she was told by the police investigating her allegations that prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence to charge the alleged perpetrator.

However, Greater Manchester Police have told the MEN that the evidence they have collected “did not reach the threshold” for referral to the CPS.

The CPS has confirmed to the MEN that the case was never referred to them.

But now Alison wants her allegations re-investigated.

“He raped and sexually abused me multiple times during our relationship,” she said.

“He raped me in my sleep and told me about it the next morning. I made it clear to him that I didn’t agree with that, but he continued to do it.”

“In this case, the evidence before us has not reached the threshold set by prosecutors for self-referral and therefore no further action has been taken,” police said



She said he would make sick jokes about it and compare himself to it [American serial killer and rapist] Ted Bundy on a few occasions. Alison said the “sick perv” wouldn’t let her change any part of her underwear as he wanted to keep it.

After he moved out of their home, she claims she found several pieces of her underwear in sandwich plastic bags, as well as a knife. “I reported this incident to the police,” she said. “But nothing was done.”

Alison said her then-husband hit her in front of family and friends. On another occasion, while on vacation, she says he wedged her between a balcony door and pushed her into her, injuring her.

“He pushed me several times throughout the relationship,” she said.

Alison said he didn’t like it when she went out with friends and made excuses saying he couldn’t manage to look after the kids.

She said her husband removed the doors in some of their children’s bedrooms because he said it took them too long to get ready. He also allegedly reprimanded her for using too much toilet paper and controlled her clothing and makeup.

Alison continued: “On certain occasions he would show up at my place of work and stare at me when he saw me talking to male customers. His behavior was so bad that I had to quit my job.”

She said he often shut off the gas and electricity about every two weeks to try to evict her and their children from the property. “He would then apologize and say he loves me,” she said.

“But he repeated this behavior. He was verbally and emotionally abusive throughout our relationship, both with me and my children,” she said.

“He would call me a ‘bad mom’ and say ‘no wonder you don’t have a family.’ He would name mine [one of the children] a ‘sp**’ and say she had to live in a special home.

“My husband called my other one too [child] a ‘sl**’ and mine [another child] ‘gay’ because [they were] not in football. He yelled at them and scared them and got in their faces.”

Alison said her husband made racist remarks towards locals while on holiday and “put me and the children at risk”.

One year the family was on vacation and she said her husband was drunk and verbally abused her and their children as well as one of his own children. “He was also aggressive and vandalized the hotel and had to be escorted out of the hotel by hotel security,” she said.

“Then he threw all our passports down the toilet to prevent us from returning from vacation.” Alison said her husband promised he would change and even attended counseling for his PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder].

However, his behavior soon returned and he became aggressive towards her and her children again, she claims. She said that on one occasion he was extremely abusive in front of all the children.

At that point, she contacted police and said her husband left the property that day. A non-harassment order was issued against him in 2019.

Alison told the MEN she filed a formal complaint against her ex-husband in 2019 for rape and controlling behavior.

“I finally got a call from the investigating officer and said the prosecutor’s office decided not to proceed with the case,” she said. “I do not understand why.”

Alison said police advised her to keep a journal of the abuse she and her children endured. The MEN saw the diary.

“I did what they told me to do,” Alison said. “But when I showed up for the video interview, they said they didn’t need to see it. I do not understand why.”

Detective Superintendent Nat Dalby of GMP’s Rochdale District said: “Caring for those who have made allegations and ensuring the best possible outcomes for those individuals is central to our purpose and commitment to investigating and solving crimes.

“In this case, the evidence before us did not reach the threshold set by prosecutors for self-referral and therefore no further action was taken.

“I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the public that we are treating allegations of domestic and sexual crimes with the utmost seriousness and are conducting extensive investigations to ensure anyone found guilty of a crime is brought to justice.” Mom 'raped several times in sleep by husband' baffled when no charges were brought against him

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